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Chapter 14: Understanding Is Enough

And actually it happened like that: Ananda became enlightened after Buddha’s death within the small period of twenty-four hours.

To Ananda Buddha said, the departing message: “Be a light unto yourself - appa dipo bhava.”

How can the priest forgive the Buddha? He is destroying his whole profession. The priest is a mediator between you and some unknown God that he talks about. He knows nothing about God - no priest has ever known anything about God; that is not his interest.

In fact, I have observed all kinds of priests: they are the most atheistic people in the world. The priest does not believe in God, he cannot believe in God. He knows that it is his creation, how can he believe in God? This is experienced in many spheres of life.

I had one friend, a very nice Bengali gentleman, who used to help hundreds of people with homeopathic medicines. But whenever he fell ill he would go to an allopathic doctor. I asked him, “What is the matter? You help so many people and so many are cured.” Almost miraculous cures were known to happen through him. “When you are ill, why do you go to an allopath?”

He said, “The truth is I cannot trust those sugar pills. I know everything about them - they work if you believe, but how can I believe? I manufacture all those medicines! Sometimes they are just sugar pills and nothing else. In fact, I am puzzled when I come to see that they have been of great help.”

The reason is: ninety percent of people’s diseases are false, that’s why there are so many “pathies.” Otherwise, except allopathy, they are all unscientific. But ninety percent of diseases are false and with a false disease allopathy is dangerous, because allopathy will give you a real medicine and the illness is false, and the real medicine is bound to do something to you. You need a false medicine for a false illness; it cannot harm you. That’s why homeopathy never harms anybody. You will not find “Poison” written in big red capital letters on bottles of homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy never harms anybody, but it helps many for the simple reason that if your disease is false then all that is needed is belief, trust. If you trust the man who is giving you the medicine that trust helps you.

The priest cannot believe in his gods - impossible, because he has seen the dog piss on his god, he has seen the rats running over his god. He knows everything about the god - he has created it. In fact, the god needs his care; without him the god is nothing. It is a psychological atmosphere that he creates around the god with worship, with prayer, with fragrance, with lights, with flowers, with chanting ancient scriptures. He creates a certain noosphere, a certain psychology around a false phenomenon, to exploit you - and you need somebody to depend upon.

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