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Chapter 38: Don’t Dig Valleys - Climb Mountains

There arises great darkness in me and I wish to trade in this intolerable Agama and start afresh so that somehow I wouldn’t grow with my personality so inseparably glued to myself. I remember there was once innocence and I had a sense of myself. Try as I might, I can’t recover it, can’t separate off the witness, can’t trust in my seeing. So long ago I took a shortcut and now I can’t remember where I left the honesty and the innocence and the love, for the false, the trying, the stupid. How can I find my way back?

Prem Agama, your story is everyone’s story. Everyone has gone astray. Everyone has lost himself. Perhaps it is part of human growth to be lost, to forget the way back home, to search for it, because unless you go astray, there is no need for search. Unless you lose the way, there is no question of finding it. Unless you forget yourself, you will never realize yourself; hence it is not against your spiritual growth.

It is part, an absolutely intrinsic part, that you should be lost in darkness, in agony, in suffering. But there is no need to remain in the dark night of the soul. One need not make a house in suffering and misery, in ignorance, in dishonesty, in a false and phony life. One has to use this opportunity. Yes, I call it a golden opportunity, knowing perfectly well that it is painful. But all birth is painful, and a spiritual birth more so.

You should not settle in suffering, in misery, in pain. You should continue to search. The question is not of finding the right way. Every way is right if your search is deep, your hope enormous, your trust infinite. Then wherever you are and whatever path you follow, you will reach the ocean - just as every river reaches the ocean, passing through the mountains, through the valleys, through strange lands, strange people, without any guide, without any map, without anybody to indicate the right direction.

Every river, small or big, reaches to the ocean. It seems a deep thirst, an intense longing, makes every way the right way.

All ways are going towards the ocean.

You just have to be patient enough, trustful of existence.

And your remembrance will be of enormous value: one day you knew yourself, you were not yet gone astray, you had not moved on the paths of desire and ambition. You were still within yourself, sincere, honest and innocent. You know that the space you are searching for again is not imaginary. You have known it, you have been it; it is only a question of how to enter that space again.

The logical way is to find the right path. And there comes one of the greatest problems for every spiritual seeker, because every path leads you away from yourself. Every path indicates towards some goal, somewhere else.

Hence the question is not of finding the right path; the question is of finding the right consciousness, awareness. And strangely, immediately the whole problem changes.

It is a dream you can go far away, you can visit some faraway star. But when you wake up you will wake up in your own room, in your own home. The question is not to find a right path from the faraway star to come back home.

You are already there, you have just forgotten it.

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