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Chapter 25: The Juice, the Whole Juice, and Nothing but the Juice

Sometimes, very rarely, I listen to instrumental music. Many people have asked me, “If you are not interested in the words, then instrumental music should be more to your liking.” But it is not the case. Instrumental music is beautiful, but because it has no words it has no dimensionality. The words give the song a horizontal dimension which makes it possible to dive vertically. The instrumental music is simple. It is horizontal, but because there are no words, the moment you drop the horizontal dimension you are in a desert without any oasis. It is beautiful, horizontally.

The songs are beautiful only when you enter the vertical dimension, but that is possible only by creating the polar opposite. The word is the polar opposite of silence. If words are not there, you cannot create silence. The instrumental music is sound, there is no silence. It is sound arranged in a harmonious way but it cannot have that polarity of word and wordlessness.

So after breakfast I enjoy something which is again juice, but not material, immaterial.as if you have a taste without eating anything. There is no physical counterpart to it - just taste without anything tasty on your taste buds.

At eleven I take my lunch. Vivek still cannot believe that I am excited, but what to do? Whether you believe it or not I am excited. I myself cannot believe it. So I can understand that nobody will be able to believe it when I myself cannot believe it. I know exactly what she is going to bring, everything is predictable; three small quantities of vegetables, boiled, without salt, without any kind of spices.

They have become experts in making everything tasteless. You cannot defeat them in that. And certainly they must be wondering: they go on giving this tasteless food to me, but I never complain. I have always appreciated it, because it has given me an opportunity which they don’t know about. When you are eating delicious food, with spices and all kinds of things, made to be tasty, perfumed, you are losing something that you don’t know. You are destroying your taste buds. They are not meant for such strong things; they are very small, and very delicate.

I discovered the real taste of things only when I started following Devaraj’s recipes. He has changed my dining room into a hospital. But I love it. Now you can put me into any hospital and they will not be able to do any harm to me.

Three vegetables, almost the same; four slices of bread just toasted and without any butter; and a cup of Indian sauce, chutney - that’s all. But in my whole life I have never been so satisfied with my food as I am now. In India there are thousands of kinds of food Perhaps there is no other country which has so many different varieties of food: each province has its own varieties. I have moved all over India, and I have eaten all kinds of foods. Every state has its own tremendous findings - perhaps it has taken thousands of years for them to develop certain delicacies - but all their food, howsoever tasty, is not good, health wise.

My weight was good so I used to look very healthy. But I discovered it only late, that just to look healthy is not health. Now I am healthy - but my mother comes, and she says every time she comes.. I remind her, “You have told this to me every time you have come: ‘What have you done to your health?’” and she thinks that I am wearing this long and loose robe just to deceive her.

I say, “I am not trying to deceive.”

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