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Chapter 8: A Rebellious Intelligence

Prem Prabhati,

Munich, Germany

I’m grateful that I can ask you some questions about Osho Therapy because I’m going to write a book about it.
I’d like to know how your approach differs from all the former therapies like the Freudian psychoanalytic approach, the humanistic and the growth groups.

It is basically and totally different from any other therapy that has existed. The most fundamental difference is that all those therapies are for sick people, those who are not well mentally. Those therapies make an effort to put the people back into their normal life; the therapies serve the old rotten society. The society drives people mad, crazy, schizophrenic. The therapies put them back into their normal, average mind so they can function again in the old pattern - where they had become incapable of functioning.

So, all the therapies - Freudian or Jungian or Adlerian - their function is the same as was the function of the priest in the past. These are the priests of a sophisticated twentieth century, but their function is the same. It is against revolution, against change.

Rather than seeing why this society goes on creating sick people. No animal is sick in that way. Why does human society goes on making schizophrenic people? Why are there so many rapes? Why are there so many people burdened with guilt? Why are there so many murders, suicides? And even if a person somehow manages to live normally, deep down nobody is normal. They all have nightmares, they all have fear, they all have greed, they all feel insecure. Those therapies are in the service of the society that drives people nuts.

My basic difference is that I am trying to help the people understand that they are not responsible for their mind sickness; they are victims. My function is not to make then normal so that they can go back to the church, and back to the office, and back to the same wife, and back to the same world. No, my function is to give them a fresh individuality, a rebellious intelligence, a perception in which they can see that the society has manipulated them, exploited them, almost killed them. This is the first part of my therapy: the person should be made aware that it is the society that is sick, and he is only a victim.

Secondly, we have to make the person aware that he is a victim because he is more intelligent than other people. Idiots don’t go crazy, they have nothing to go crazy: to have a sick mind, first you need to have a mind. The normal, average people who are thought to be mentally healthy are really intellectually retarded. Even if they want to go mad they cannot. Madness needs some intelligence.

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