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Chapter 25: The Value of Freedom

Tom Greening,

Humanistic Psychology magazine, Los Angeles, California, United States

Glad to meet you.

Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed the Ranch and the people today, and your discourse this morning.

That’s great.

Now you can ask your questions.

Well, it’s an auspicious day, what with your discourse this morning about power and Sheela.
What’s happening in the Ranch and the consciousness that would in the future more rapidly confront the over-concentration of power or the misuse of power, the processes within the people themselves that would correct that in an individual?

The human mind is so old, its conditioning is of thousands of years. It takes a tremendous effort to detach yourself from the conditionings of the past. The conditionings are not only your past, that is a very small fraction; beyond your past is the collective past of humanity, which is almost infinite. And you have been programmed in this whole past - programmed in such a way that lust for power has become almost natural.

If you get power, then you want more. And there is no end to more. And the more power you want, the more people are going to lose their freedom. Your power is their loss of freedom. If you become ultimately powerful, they will become just slaves. So the real struggle is between the instinct of power and the value of freedom.

It is possible to prevent it happening in a small commune like this. Simple methods can change it. What you are suggesting is an ultimate change - a change of their awareness: they become so conscious that no lust for power can raise its head in their psyche. That is a goal of all spiritual growth, but it will happen when it will happen. Meanwhile, we have to take temporary steps. For example, decentralization of power; it should not be in one hand, it should be in many hands. It should not be concentrated but diluted.

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