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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

No proof can be a proof. If you are convinced that God is not, all proofs will prove that he is not, and if you are convinced that he is, then all proofs will prove that he is. No conviction can be changed. So whether you believe in God or you don’t believe in God, both are bogus, both are head-trips. Unless you recognize it is not a question of argument, unless you open your eyes and see something which suddenly fills you - your total being - and a certainty arises in you which is not intellectual but existential..

To seek a master is to seek somebody in whom you can recognize something of the divine, who becomes the proof, in whose being you can taste something of the divine, in whose eyes you can glimpse and see something of the divine; in whose love you can feel something being showered, in whose song you can feel - you can know beyond doubt - that the infinite is flowing.

The master is nothing but a reed, a flute, an empty flute, an emptiness. God flows through him. If you can recognize it, already you yourself have become one with him. Then others can recognize it in you and it can spread.

One man, attaining to God, can become the total transformation of the whole humanity. It has not happened because people insist on being miserable, they insist on being blind, they insist on being themselves - whatsoever they are. They protect their hell, they defend their misery, they are armored against God.

That is why it has not happened. Otherwise one Buddha would have been enough; one Jesus would have been enough. But there have been thousands of Buddhas and Jesuses and Mahaviras, and you go on living in your darkness. It is simply unbelievable, but it has been so.

Don’t wait for the whole of humanity. Nobody can say when the whole of humanity will listen. But if you can listen, if you can recognize, you also become a door.

Enough for today.