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Chapter 2: The Mystery beyond Mind

Every age thinks that things are reaching to a crescendo, to an ultimate point, to an omega point, where everything will explode and a new being will be born. But these are hopes, ego-trips, not very meaningful. You will be here for a few years; then others will be here and they will be thinking the same. The crescendo is reached, not with the age but with the individual being. The climax is reached but it is always reached with a consciousness, not with a collective unconscious.

You can become a religious person. And the time is good, the time is always good. And don’t think of others too much because this may be just an escape from yourself. Don’t think of the age and don’t think of humanity - because mind is so cunning, human mind is so cunning, you don’t know.

I have been reading a letter from a friend, and he says that he became so frustrated with all his love affairs, whenever he was in love it was such misery that he stopped loving any individual and started to love the whole of humanity. Now, the whole of humanity is easy to love; and those who cannot love will always love the whole of humanity, there is no problem. To love an individual is very, very difficult; it can be hell itself. It can be hell itself because it can become heaven.

We go on avoiding. People start thinking about others just to avoid thinking about themselves. They start thinking about the age, the time, the planets, and what is going to happen to human consciousness, just to avoid encountering the basic problem: What is going to happen to my consciousness?

Your consciousness should be the target.

And every time is good, all times are good for it.