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Chapter 25: Jesus: The Only Savior who Nearly Saved Himself

What evidence does he bring? It is because of this that the Christians go on emphasizing the miracles of Jesus, because without those miracles what evidence has he got? And those miracles were never performed, because if such things were performed, it is impossible that Jewish sources would not have mentioned them. He would have been accepted as the messiah.

The Jews never accepted him, not even today. His contemporaries have to be asked why not a single authoritative source even mentions his name. And if such a miracle man was around he would be the only news for centuries, but not even his contemporaries bothered about him. And his contemporaries have given a clear-cut indication by crucifying this man. Why did they crucify him?

People have not inquired into the incident, why the Jews crucified Jesus. They crucified him for the simple reason that this man is mad, and is pretending something which will misguide millions of people. It is better to be finished with him. He is not the messiah because the Jews have criteria for who is the messiah, who will save the whole world from suffering, from misery, from anguish. The same idea that Jesus gives to the Christians, he has got from his ancestors. He is a perfect Jew.

What the Jews were saying was about some messiah somewhere far away, happening in the coming history, in the future. Jesus’ fault was only this: he started saying, “I am that man you have been waiting for. I am that hope you have been desiring. I have come.” And they really laughed at him - anybody would have laughed at him.

The hope of the Jews has to remain a hope. Whenever anybody will try to say, “I have come to fulfill the hope,” he will be crucified, for the simple reason that he is taking away the hope of a whole race. They are living on that hope; that is their only light, their only guiding star.” And this carpenter’s son - ignorant, illiterate, good-for-nothing-wants to prove that he is that hoped for messiah: “This man has to be finished off!”

And there was one more reason why they crucified him: “If on the cross he can manage to provoke God to help him, then we will be able to see whether he is the messiah or not - God will save him.” If God is not even bothering about saving his own son on the cross, then what to say about others? And if Jesus cannot provoke God to save him, how can he provoke God to save others?

The crucifixion was going to be a criterion. Thousands of people had gathered; it was not an everyday thing. Only once in a while a madman declares such a thing. And they were laughing and joking and throwing stones at him and spitting on him.

They had put a crown of thorns on him, they had forced him to carry his own cross. Three times he fell on the way; the cross was too heavy. He could not carry his own cross and he was trying to carry the crosses of the whole of humanity, trying to save the whole of humanity, taking all their miseries, their anguishes, their sufferings. And whenever he fell people laughed, and they said, “You can’t carry even your own cross, how you are going to carry the crosses of everybody else?”

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