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Chapter 3: Wisdom Is One and Unique

Suffering has to be suffered; that is the meaning of Jesus on the cross. Through suffering he attains to the resurrection; through suffering you will attain to self-knowledge. So don’t try to avoid it - there is no way to avoid it. The more you avoid it, the more you are losing opportunities. Face it! There is nothing that can be done except to face it. And the more you face it, the more it disappears. A moment comes when you are absolutely ready to face it, whatsoever it is - you drop all the images. In a single moment even, of intense alertness, you can reach the center. But in that single moment you will have to suffer the whole past of humanity, the whole history; you will have to suffer all that has happened.

It is said, you must have heard, that if people drown in water in the sea or in a river, in a single fragment of a moment they remember their whole past from the very birth, the pangs of birth - in a single moment, a flash, and the whole life passes. This is true. And the same happens when you reach the moment of samadhi, the ultimate death, when the ego dies completely. This happens! But in a single moment you suffer the whole past of humanity, not your own. This is the cross. You suffer the whole past of humanity because now you are transcending humanity. You have to pass through all that humanity has lived. You will have to suffer it. It is tremendous - the anguish is absolute. And only then do you reach the center and bliss becomes possible.

Self-knowledge is difficult because you are not ready to pass through any suffering. You think of self-knowledge in terms of tranquilizers; you think self-knowledge is a tranquilizer. People come to me and they say, “Give us peace, silence.” If somebody promises to give you silence and peace without suffering, he is befooling you - and you will be caught in the trap very easily, because that’s what you would like to have. That is the appeal of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi type people in the West. They are not giving you meditation in fact, they are giving you tranquilizers..Because a meditation is bound to pass through suffering; it is not a play.

You have to move through fire, and only in that fire will your ego drop. Looking at the whole ugliness of it, it drops automatically.

But Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and others, they say there is no need to suffer: “I will give you a technique - just do it for ten minutes in the morning and in the evening and it will tranquilize your being. You will feel infinite peace and everything will be okay, and just in a few days you will become enlightened.”

Not so easy - it is arduous. Tricks won’t help. Don’t waste your time on tricks. Just by chanting a mantra for ten minutes, how can you become enlightened?

You have passed through history, and you have come to a point, here, to this moment you have come; you have passed through millions of years - who will pass back?.Because meditation means returning to the source. You have come up to this point in time; you will have to go back, you will have to regress, you will have to reach the original point from where the journey started. Just by chanting a mantra for ten minutes in the morning, you are thinking you will attain to it?

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