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Chapter 8: From Idiotocracy to Meritocracy

How can the idea of meritocracy be practically realized?

One thing is absolutely certain: The days of the politicians are over.

They have done too well their job of being destructive, violent.

They have come to a point where humanity has to decide either to die remaining with the politicians, to commit a global suicide, or to throw out the politicians and save humanity, civilization, culture, life.

Nothing is favorable to the politician; and as each day passes his death comes closer. He himself is responsible. He improved the weapons which can bring death to the whole world to such a point that there is no way of going back. Either there will be an ultimate war - which means death to all and everything - or a total change in the whole structure of human society. I am calling that change, meritocracy.

One thing - we have to drop the idea that every man, just because he is twenty-one, is capable of choosing who is the right person to decide the fate of nations. Age cannot be the decisive factor. We have to change the decisive factor; that is changing the very foundation.

My suggestion is that only a person who is at least a matriculate should be able to vote. His age does not matter. And as I explain to you the whole thing, it will become easier. For the local government, matriculation will be the qualification for the voters. And graduation from a university, at least a bachelor’s degree, should be a necessary qualification for anybody running for election, for the candidates. A master’s degree should be a minimum qualification for the one who is running for mayor.

For the state elections, graduation with a bachelor’s degree should be the minimum qualification for the voters. A master’s degree in science, the arts, commerce, should be the necessary degree for the candidates. For the ministers an MA first class should be the minimum necessary qualification; more will be, of course, more appreciated. And anybody trying to become a minister will have to know something about the subject. His qualification should correspond to the subject matter that he is going to deal with in his ministership.

For example, I have known, in India, in the central government, a health minister who knows nothing about health, who has not even the qualifications of a pharmacist, what to say about a doctor. He does not know even what first aid is. And he is the health minister! Now what is he going to do?

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