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Chapter 17: Truth Is Dangerous

Once again, I was sitting in Holland minding my own business when I heard you had landed in Bombay. It took me three days to decide I had to come and see you, be with you, hang out in your presence. Catching up with you has been quite an adventure. I had no question before I arrived, but before I leave I have two questions. First, how is your health? Second, could you please tell me what your plans are exactly so that I and my friends at The Humaniversity don’t have to worry about you.

I understand your concern about my health. That is not only your concern, that is the concern of all those who love freedom, truth, individuality.

It is not just a question about my health. It is a question that in a world where everybody is living in a traditional, blind, absurd way, even to talk about truth is dangerous. It is dangerous because all the vested interests want humanity to remain retarded so that the human mind does not evolve to its ultimate potential, because once there are individuals of the caliber of Socrates, Lao Tzu, Gautam Buddha, then there is no possibility of any exploitation, physical or psychological; no possibility of any oppression, no possibility of enslaving the human soul. And all the politicians need slaves, and the priests need slaves. They don’t want humanity to blossom and to release its fragrance to the winds, to the sun, to the moon. They want you just to produce more money for them, more power for them, more slaves for them, more population for them.

Hence your concern about my health is not just an ordinary concern. Physically, I have been put into every possible situation so that an indirect death can happen, because down the ages the politicians and the priests have learned one thing: that crucifying is not helpful.

If they had not crucified Jesus there would have been no Christianity. Poisoning Socrates has not been helpful; it is because of the poisoning that Socrates remains and will always remain in the memories of humanity as a genius, a man who has helped the evolution of man’s intelligence immensely. Without his poisoning perhaps we would have forgotten him. They have learned one thing: that if you want to kill Jesus again then it has not to be a crucifixion, it has to be indirect - as if it is an accident, as if it is a natural death.

That’s what they did with me in America. Ronald Reagan and his government tried in different ways to kill me, but never directly. I was surprised, because as I was arrested.the arrest was illegal, there was no arrest warrant because there was no reason to issue an arrest warrant. The people who arrested me could not even show any cause. I said, “Even verbally it will do - why am I arrested?” The answer was twelve loaded guns pointed at me.

I was not allowed to inform my attorney, because they were worried: if the attorney comes then immediately the first question is bound to be, “Where is the arrest warrant?”

And I heard the US marshal whispering in the ear of the driver who was to take me to the jail, “Remember, do whatever you want to do but don’t do it directly. The man is known worldwide, and the whole news media is watching. If anything happens to him it will be a condemnation of American democracy.”

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