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Chapter 11: I Have to Be Offensive to Wake You Up!

You can’t really mean it when you say you have lost all hopes and illusions, because you know perfectly well where humanity stands today and you know how slow evolution is. I often wondered if you had not come a bit too soon: humanity was not ready to understand your liberating message, and simply misbehaved with you.
And this was the explanation that I found within: yes, you had come too soon - all great masters come too soon (poor Jesus’ message has been understood by only a very few after nineteen centuries, so you’ll have to be patient!) But the shock was necessary - the spiritual earthquake. Yet some ego-skyscrapers are so technically perfect that they can resist probably even the destruction of the entire planet.
Another thing I ask myself is why you are so brutal, so violent, so offensive. I can understand this behavior with disciples in the hope of fracturing their egos, but with politicians.? They just can’t be anything else than offended - but they won’t learn what you want to teach them (at least not in this incarnation) and you know it, so what is the sense? Please explain. Couldn’t you be just as outspoken (that is what I so love in you) yet less provoking? It would have saved you so much trouble, I’m sure, and would not have caused this ridiculous alliance of all governments against you.

I understand your love, and I understand your love for my work. But you do not understand the ways the masters use to work on the sleeping humanity.

Jesus was offensive - deliberately, because there was no other way to wake up his contemporary humanity. His crucifixion has perhaps been understood by only one man up to now in the whole of history, and that man is not a Christian.

That man is George Gurdjieff. Because he is not a Christian he can stand aloof, with no prejudice at all. His insight into the crucifixion of Jesus is that it was planned by Jesus himself. On the one hand he was very offensive, very rude - that provoked the blind masses. On the other hand he was mercilessly hammering on the priesthood - and the priests in those days were very much more powerful than they are today. Today they are nothing but the Queen of England; it means nothing. The Queen of England or the queen of playing cards - they are synonymous.

Jesus sacrificed his life because in those primitive days there was no way to spread a message unless it thrilled the very heart of the merciless humanity. The struggle was not with the heart, the struggle was with the stones - or perhaps worse, because even stones are not as stony as a human being can be.

Everybody who has tried to understand Jesus has thought it: “Why was he offensive? He could have been a very respectable rabbi; people would have worshipped him, loved him. Instead of crucifying him they would have wanted to crown him.”

But that was not the work Jesus was doing. The question was not the cross or the crown, the question was the awakened man or the sleepy, unconscious humanity. When you are deeply asleep you have to be shaken, your name has to be shouted, cold water has to be thrown into your eyes. But this is all done out of compassion.

I have been offensive and I will remain offensive. I will go on growing more and more offensive, for the simple reason that you are so deep in a coma that perhaps only a scream might reach you - or might not reach you.

Perhaps you will look at me for the first time only when I am on the cross. Right now you take me for granted - only the cross will destroy your state of taking me for granted. Perhaps only the cross can shake you enough so that you can wake up.

You have said I may be hard with my disciples because they are committed to a certain work of evolution - it is not being done against them, they have come and they have joined me. The question is relevant: Why do I go on hammering on the politicians? Again, the questioner is innocent and ignorant. She does not understand the structure of human consciousness.

When I criticize the politician, it is not the politician outside you, it is the politician within you.

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