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Chapter 26: A Totally New Kind of Man

Steve Davis

KGO TV, San Francisco, California, United States

I was here once before for several days, less than a year ago.
May I urge you please, wherever possible, to recall that television is a remorseless medium as far as cutting things short is concerned. So when a thought can be done in a brief manner, it’s I think to all of our benefit. And if it can’t, it can’t. I have several questions that I have written down in advance and haven’t the foggiest notion if we will ever get to any of them except the first one. It may well be that the tangent will be more interesting than any I have laid out in advance. But I have those and I may check them from time to time.


What would you have a reporter learn here?

One thing and only one thing: that this is the alternative to your world. Your world is on the verge of death. The politicians have brought nuclear weapons to create the funeral of the whole of humanity. And the religious leaders, insisting on celibacy, have brought humanity to the ultimate disease - AIDS. The politicians and the priests both are bent upon destroying the world.

We are creating a totally new kind of man, with new values. And these communes are around the world now - one million sannyasins - and we provide the alternative to your mad world.

Is that the thrust of the work here?


How is that to be accomplished?

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