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Chapter 6: The Juice of the Buddhas

And such madness can be expected from politicians. Who else could you expect it from? A single politician going berserk and there will be such havoc; this whole earth will be in such a state of disaster that you won’t even have a chance to think about understanding it. It will take only five to seven minutes for the whole world to be reduced to ash. The news will not be able to reach us before death comes. With such terrible preparations for violence the old ideas of nations cannot work. Now it is dangerous. It is because of these concepts of nations that armaments have accumulated. For self defense.“Lest the other somehow gets ahead. We have to keep ahead of them.”

Eighty percent of humanity’s capacity goes into war. If this same eighty percent of resources went into farming, into gardens, into factories, this earth would be a paradise. The dream that your seers and prophets used to have of a heaven in the sky can now be created here on the earth, there is no difficulty in it. But old habits.“This is our country, that is their country.” We have to fight, they have to fight.

The poorest of the poor nations are also engaged in an effort to make atom bombs. They are dying of starvation, but they want to make atom bombs. Underneath, this same idea even chases after a country like India: “We may starve, but our glory must be preserved.”

I don’t believe in nations. If I was listened to, I would say that India should be the first country to renounce its nationhood. It would be good if the country of Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali and Gorakh renounced nationhood and stated that this is an international land. India should become an area of the United Nations organization. We should state that we are the first nation to entrust itself to the United Nations: You take custody.

Someone must start it.and if a beginning was made in this direction there would be no need for wars. These wars will continue as long as there are borders. These borders must go.

So he is right in a way - he can call me a traitor to this country, in the sense that I am not a traitor to humanity. But all your lovers of nations are traitors to humanity. The very meaning of patriotism is treason towards humanity. Patriotism means sectarianism, dividing into parts. Haven’t you seen that a person who is patriotic towards his region becomes an enemy of the nation? And someone who is patriotic towards his district becomes an enemy of the region. I am not an enemy of the nation, my idea is international. This whole earth is one. I want to abandon the small for the vast.

These tiny enclosures, these boundaries and fences, have troubled man too much. In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought. In the past when they fought wars with bows and arrows it was okay, there was not much harm done; if a few people died there was no problem. But now war is total war. Now, it is the suicide of all of mankind. Now, the whole place can become a Hiroshima - any day, at any moment.. Consider the horror of such a war and think of how much energy is going into it. This same energy could fill the entire earth with greenery, could fill it with prosperity. For the first time man could dance absorbed in bliss, could sing songs of ecstasy, could follow the quest of meditation.

But this will not happen. Your so-called patriots, these nationalists..

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