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Chapter 12: A New Man with a New Vision

Tantric experience means neither to be repressive nor to be indulgent. Tantric experience is possible only if you move deep into meditation, otherwise not. When you become very, very still, silent, aware, alert, then only is it possible that you will know something of Tantra. Otherwise, Tantra can also become an excuse for indulgence - a new name, a religious name. And you can move into indulgence behind the name of Tantra. Names won’t make much change; your being needs change.

Zelda, the Hebrew zebra, was walking down a country lane, some place in the boondocks of Pennsylvania. Soon she came upon a flock of sheep.

“Yoo-hoo, may I speak to you, please?” she called out.

One of the sheep came to the fence.

“What do you want to speak about?”

“I represent the Hadassah Zebra Association of South Africa. You are Jewish?”

“Oh yes, we are all Jewish here.”

“Well, I am on a fact-finding tour. Our zebras are interested in learning how Jewish animals in America earn a living. Would you mind telling me what kind of work you do?”

“What do I do?” exclaimed the sheep. “What kind of a question is that? I give wool, what else? Every year they shear it off and next season they do the same thing. Is it any different there in South Africa?”

“Oh no, it is just the same. Well, I must be running along. Ta-ta, and thank you most kindly.”

Zelda continued on her fact-finding mission until she met a cow.

“Excuse me, madam, I am from the Hadassah Zebra Association of South Africa. I am interviewing Jewish-American domestic animals. Would you be so kind as to describe your work?”

“Glad to,” murmured the cow. “I am employed by a strictly kosher dairy, being orthodox myself, of course. My work, you ask? Well, I am a purebred Guernsey, and I give Grade A milk. I live up there in that pretty white barn. Sorry I can’t ask you in, but we were not expecting company and the place is a mess.”

“That’s perfectly all right. Thank you for your information. You have been most helpful. Toodle-oo.”

A short time later, Zelda saw a stallion in a pasture, and there was no mistaking his Jewishness. He happened to see her at just about the same moment. He charged toward the fence, skidded to a four-footed stop and loomed over the zebra with nostrils flaring.

“And just what is it that you do, sir?” asked the zebra demurely.

“Honey, you just slip out of those fancy pajamas,” he said, “and I will show you what I do!”

The whole humanity is suffering from obsession, either through indulgence or through repression. The whole humanity is concerned with sex twenty-four hours a day.