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Chapter 3: The Gardener Is the Garden

To me, God is herenow. All that you see is God. God is not something beyond; God is something within. Or if you like paradoxes, you can call God “the within beyond” or “the beyond within.” But God is intrinsic, is the innermost core of existence.

Unless you start in the right direction, you will go on missing. Never believe in a God who is separate from the creatures and the creation. He is not, he cannot be. He is one with it. He is in it, he is it. Once this is understood, you start flowing. Your whole life becomes a prayer.

That is the basic message of Jesus. That’s why he goes on saying that God is his father. It is a way of saying what I am saying to you. Between the father and the son, or between the mother and the child, there is a continuity. The father goes on living in the son; the mother continues in the child. The son is nothing but the extension of the existence of the father, an extended hand, as if the old body has become incapable of existing and is going to disappear and the father has created a new body to live within.

When Jesus says, “God is my father,” he simply means, “I am continuous with him. There has never been a separation. He is flowing in me. He is flowing in my every cell. Nowhere has there been a discontinuity.” That is the whole meaning of it. But he uses the word father because he is talking to very simple, unsophisticated people. He is talking to real people, not to plastic people. He is not talking in a university. He is talking to real people, people who are alive.

He uses the word father. And it is beautiful in a way, because unless religion becomes personal it remains a philosophy. When religion becomes personal, it becomes life. Religion is something live, not something to brood about. It is something that should become a milieu around you. It is something that should become a continuous breathing, a continuous beating of the heart.

Religion is a way of life, a way of being. It has nothing to do with thinking. When Jesus says, “God is my father,” he means this existence is not alien, this existence is a home. You can rest in it, you can rely on it, you need not be afraid.

This is one of the most significant things to be understood, because modern man is so afraid. This has never been so. Never in the history of humankind has man been as afraid as he is now. Every day I go on talking to people about their problems and almost always, deeply hidden somewhere, is fear. Whenever they come deeper to their being, finally other problems disappear. Only one problem remains: fear.

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