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Chapter 3: When Love Meets Meditation

And what does the person do? He starts fires, he commits rape. As part of the mob he finds an opportunity to set the animal hidden in him free. And that is why every five to ten years man is anxious for war, is hoping for a riot to break out. If it is under the pretext of a Hindu-Moslem problem it is fine with him. If not, a Gujarati-Marathi cause will also do as well. If the Gujaratis and Marathis are not going for a riot, then a conflict between Hindi-speaking and non-Hindi speaking people will be as good for him. He needs an excuse, any excuse, to let loose the insatiable beast in him.

The animal in man feels suffocated if kept caged for too long; it howls to be let out. And this animal in him is not vanquished, it is not destroyed until man’s consciousness rises above the animal door given by nature.

Our life-energy has only one natural, but animal, outlet and that outlet is sex. Closing that channel creates problems. It is very essential that a new door is opened before closing that of sex so that the energy can flow in a new direction.

This is possible. It has not been done so far because of the simple reason that repression feels easier, transformation difficult. It is easier to cover a thing, to sit upon it, than to transform it. For transformation a method is required, perfecting the method is required. Hence, we chose the easy way of repressing sex inside.

But we forgot that nothing can be destroyed by suppression; on the contrary, it only gets strengthened. We also forgot that repressing something intensifies our attraction for it. That which we repress enters the deeper layers of our consciousness. We may repress it during our waking hours, but at night it flashes across our dreams. Inside it waits, anxious to lash out at the slightest opportunity.

Repression does not free one from anything; on the contrary, its roots go deeper into the subconscious and the person is trapped even more deeply. In the very effort to suppress sex, humankind became bound and trapped by it.

This is the reason humans have no heat period or season as animals have. Humans are sexual around the clock, throughout the year. There is not a single animal in all the species which is sexual around the clock, throughout the year. Animals have a specific period for it, a season for it which comes and then goes. After that period and season an animal doesn’t think about it again. But look at what has happened to humans. The thing which humans have tried to repress has spread over their life around the clock, throughout the year.

Have you ever thought about the fact that no animal is sexual all the time, in all situations, but that humans are sexual all the time, in all situations? Sexuality fumes inside human beings, as if sex were all and everything in life. How has this come about? How has this disaster occurred? Why has it happened only to humans and not to any animal? There is only one cause: humans have tried to suppress sex, and in turn it has spread all over their personality like a poison.

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