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Chapter 8: Dancing Madly from Eternity to Eternity

“.no mind, no dharma.
“.and no discrimination between the buddha and the unenlightened, your original nature manifests itself. Now you have attained it, mindfully cultivate it.”

Even if you have attained the insight, you will have to remember it again and again, just because of your old habits of judgment that somebody is enlightened and somebody else is not enlightened.

A thousand and one times I have been asked, “What are the qualities of a buddha?”

I am not an old, traditional Zen master, otherwise anybody who asks, “What is a buddha?” deserves a good hit on the head so he becomes awake.

The Zen master Niskriya unfortunately is not here. He is the first German Zen master. And you know a Japanese hit is one thing but a German hit is bound to make you awakened! He has gone to Germany, just to make arrangements to come back here again, to help the sleeping ones.

He is the reincarnation of Sekito the Stonehead. When he comes back I am going to ask him, “Would you like to change your name to your original name Sekito the Stonehead?” Just before leaving yesterday, he was hiding his head in a China cap. But hiding a stone head does not make much sense. He still had his staff.

This staff came into being in the Zen tradition as a symbol that this is the only difference between the awakened and the not awakened: hit hard and everybody is going to wake up. If you cannot wake up here, where even the drums of Nivedano are becoming enlightened, then it is very unfortunate.

Hyakujo is also known as Pai-chang. He became enlightened when studying under Baso together with Nansen. Baso said of him, “Zen is with Hyakujo.”

Baso’s certificate is more than one can expect.

It is said that he was clever and gentle and he had nothing ostentatious about him. He was invited to the great temple at Mount Hyakujo, from which he took his name. Many disciples gathered around him, among them one such as Obaku, also known as Huang-po, and Isan.

Maneesha is asking:

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