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Chapter 1: Dropping the Artificial Mind

The first experience of samadhi, the first experience of infinite power, siddhi, of potentiality, of being, is revealed at birth. But at that time, you cannot make knowledge out of it. For that you will have to go through a dark night of the soul; you will have to go astray. For that, you will have to sin. The word sin is very beautiful. It simply means going off-track, missing the right path, or missing the target, missing the goal. Adam has to go out of the Garden of Eden. It is a necessity. Unless you miss God, you will not be able to know him. Unless you come to a point where you don’t know whether God is or is not, unless you come to a point where you are miserable, in pain and anguish, you will never be able to know what bliss is. Agony is the door to ecstasy.

Patanjali’s first sutra is simply saying that whatsoever is attained by the yogi is nothing new. It is a recovery of something lost. It is a remembrance. That’s why in India once somebody attains samadhi, we call it a rebirth; he is reborn. We call him dwija: twice born. One birth was unconscious, the first birth; the second birth is conscious. He has suffered, gone astray, and come back home. When Adam returns home, he is Jesus. Every Jesus has to go far away from the home; then he is Adam. When Adam starts the return journey, he is Jesus. Adam is the first man, Jesus the last. Adam is the beginning, the alpha, and Jesus the end, the omega; and the circle is complete.

The powers are revealed at birth. Then arises “the world”; what Hindus call maya. It has been translated as illusion, magic, but the best way to translate it is as hypnosis. Then arises the hypnosis. A thousand and one hypnoses are all around: here he’s being taught that he is a Hindu - now it is a hypnosis; he’s being taught that he is a Christian - now it is a hypnosis. Now his mind is being conditioned and narrowed down. He’s a Mohammedan - it is a hypnosis. Then he is taught that he is a man or a woman - it is a hypnosis.

Ninety per cent of your manhood or womanhood is simply hypnosis; it has nothing to do with your biology. The biological difference between man and woman is very simple, but the psychological difference is very complicated and complex. You have to teach small boys to be boys and small girls to be girls, and you bifurcate them. You create an intention: the girls are going to become beautiful women, and the boys are going to become very powerful men. The girls are going to be just confined in the home: householders, housewives, mothers; and the boys are going on a great adventure in the world: money, power, prestige, ambition. You create different intentions in them.

In different societies, different conditionings are given. There are societies which are matriarchal; the woman is predominant. Then you will see an unbelievable truth there: whenever there is a society in which the woman is predominant, the man becomes weak and woman becomes powerful. She manages all outside work and the man simply looks after the home.

But because we live in a male-dominated society, man becomes powerful and woman becomes weak and fragile. But this is a hypnosis; it is not natural. It is not so in nature. You give a certain direction, then a thousand and one sorts of hypnoses go round.

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