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Chapter 36: A Man of Zen

Relaxation is happening, so there is no difficulty. On your part, relax. Just a small part cannot relax because you are trying to hypnotize yourself. That part also will become relaxed - somebody else is doing it. Or, if you are afraid of people hypnotizing you because centuries of condemnation of hypnosis have made people afraid - that if you are hypnotized by someone you will be under his power, then he can manage to make you do anything, and you will have to do it - in that case you can use a tape recorder.

Nobody disrespects a tape recorder. Nobody distrusts a tape recorder. Nobody is intimate with a tape recorder; nobody loves a tape recorder. So all the conditions that are needed, the tape recorder fulfills. And it is your tape recorder. Close the door and put on the tape recorder all the suggestions that you have been making to yourself. Then relax and let the tape recorder do the hypnotizing.

So use either a tape recorder or a person - whichever you feel better with. I would suggest a person because a person will take care. The tape recorder is poor: whatever you have suggested, it will repeat. It cannot do anything else. It is a pundit, a rabbi.

Choose anybody from here - Kaveesha will be helpful to you. Let the other person hypnotize you and while you are in deep hypnosis, the other person simply gives you one suggestion that if you count from one to seven slowly, anytime you want to be hypnotized, you simply relax and count from one to seven - you will be hypnotized. So there is no effort on your part to hypnotize: you have nothing to do. You simply have to count - and that too comes from your unconscious, not your conscious. The conscious is completely relaxed.

This suggestion has to be given in at least three to seven sessions. Every day have a ten minute session for seven days, but only one suggestion again and again in those ten minutes - that whenever you want to hypnotize yourself, just count from one to seven very slowly, but not suddenly.

First relax, focus your eyes on something - a light bulb is good. Don’t blink your eyes, and when you feel you are relaxed, and your eyes are drooping, tending to fall asleep, start counting from one to seven very slowly, in a very sleepy way, not very loudly, slowly, but not inside - whispering to yourself. And by the number seven you will be deep into hypnosis, and this hypnosis will last for ten minutes.

These suggestions have to be given in three to seven sessions, and don’t try it after one session is finished. Don’t try it, because if you fail that failing leaves a suggestion in you that you are not going to succeed. So for seven days don’t try - just let the other person do it. Try on the eighth day. The eighth day the other person can simply sit by your side, just to give you the feeling that you will be taken care of, and then slowly the other person is removed. You become perfectly capable of hypnotizing yourself.

The difficulty in self-hypnosis is because the self is involved and it has to hypnotize itself. It is like pulling yourself up by holding onto your legs and trying to reach to the sky. You won’t reach; you will fall flat on the ground. You may hop, but hopping is not the question; you wanted to fly.

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