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Chapter 34: Rocks, the Earth.They Are All Alive

One of the things that got destroyed in this way was hypnosis - the method, the science and the results. It is now simply a condemnatory word. If you love me, if you trust me, anybody can say you are just hypnotized. He does not know even the meaning of the word; he does not know its implications, but he is using it to condemn you. Really, to be hypnotized and to go into the darker realms of your being is the first step in going into the lighter realms of your being.

You contain the whole evolution - past, present, future. You have such an enormous being, and only a small window of the conscious mind is allowed.this is you. Your vastness is denied. Your universality is denied.

So if you really want to remember, not only to remember but to relive, then you will have to use the method of hypnosis. As we settle somewhere, I am going to start a section which will be totally devoted to hypnosis and its implications, and I want every sannyasin to move through it.

I am reminded of two incidents.one is in Gautam Buddha’s life, and one is in Vardhaman Mahavira’s life:

A man takes sannyas, becomes part of the community of Buddha, but finds it hard, difficult, arduous. He is sad, depressed, and thinks many times to leave it. One day Buddha called him and told him to sit in front of him and go into the method of jati-smaran - that is, hypnosis.

He had not yet tried it, so somebody gave him the instructions to go into past lives. And it was an amazing revelation: for almost five lives in the past he had taken sannyas and dropped it. That had become a routine of his consciousness. So Buddha said, “Now you are doing it again. It is up to you, but you have done it five times before. It is simply repetitive; you are wasting time. Either stop taking sannyas and do whatsoever you want, or be courageous; if you have taken it, then go into it this time. This should not be repeated. Five lives have been a waste.”

Looking at his own five lives.the same pattern, almost mechanical, the same wheel moving: first getting attracted to a great master, getting initiated with great enthusiasm, and then seeing the arduousness, the difficulties of transforming himself, and escaping, renouncing sannyas itself.. He comes back to it again and again.

Buddha said, “You can do it as long as you want. In your next life you will do it again. And for five lives nobody reminded you, because the masters you were working with were not masters of jati-smaran.”

The man remained. It changed his whole attitude: “This is stupid. If it is hard then it has to be faced. If it is a challenge then it has to be taken.” And he became one of the enlightened disciples of Buddha.

There is a similar story in Mahavira’s life. A prince becomes enchanted with Mahavira’s individuality, but he does not know that Mahavira’s life is really arduous. Nobody has lived the way Mahavira has lived - naked in the winter, in the hot sun, hungry for months, fasting, eating once in a while, barefooted, walking on the burning earth in the hot sun.

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