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Chapter 25: We Cannot Be Otherwise

If we can educate.and that’s what I am trying to impress on you: that it is possible - call it meditation - it is possible to put a switch on the mind and turn it off when it is not needed. It is helpful in two ways. It will give you a peace, a silence, which you have never known before, and it will give you an acquaintance of yourself which, because of the chattering mind has not been possible - it has always kept you engaged. Secondly, it will give the mind rest also. And if we can give the mind rest it will be more capable of doing things more efficiently, more intelligently.

So on both sides - on the side of mind and on the side of being - you will be benefited; you just have to learn how to stop the mind from functioning, how to say to it, “It is enough; now go to sleep. I am awake, don’t be worried.”

Use the mind when it is needed, and then it is fresh, young, full of energy and juice. Then whatever you say is not just dry bones; it is full of life, full of authority, full of truth, sincerity, and has tremendous meaning. You may be using the same words, but now the mind has collected so much power by resting, that each word it uses becomes afire, becomes power.

What is known in the world as charisma is nothing.it is simply a mind which knows how to relax and let energy collect, so when it speaks it is poetry, when it speaks it is gospel, when it speaks, it need not give any evidence or any logic - just its own energy is enough to influence people. And people have always known that there is something - although they have never been able to exactly pinpoint what it is - that they have called charisma.

Perhaps for the first time I am telling you what charisma is, because I know it by my own experience. A mind that is working day and night is bound to become weak, dull, unimpressive, somehow dragging. At the most it is utilitarian; you go to purchase vegetables - it is helpful. But it has no more power than that. So millions of people who could have been charismatic remain poor, unimpressive, without any authority and without any power.

If this is possible - and this is possible - to put the mind to silence and use it only when it is needed, then it comes with a rushing force. It has gathered so much energy that each word uttered goes directly to your heart. People think that these kinds of charismatic personalities are hypnotic; they are not hypnotic. They are really so powerful, so fresh.it is always spring.

This is for the mind and for the being. The silence opens up a new universe of eternity, of deathlessness, of all that you can think of as blessing, as benediction; hence my insistence that meditation is the essential religion, the only religion. Nothing else is needed. Everything else is nonessential ritual. Meditation is just the essence, the very essence. You cannot cut anything out of it.

It gives you both worlds. It gives you the other world - the divine, the world of godliness - and it gives you this world too. Then you are not poor. You have a richness but not of money.

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