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Chapter 34: Rocks, the Earth.They Are All Alive

The latest research into evolution does not help Darwin and his theory. They say that for thousands of years we have not seen any monkey evolving into a man, and neither have we seen the reverse - that a man reverses into a monkey. And Darwin could not provide the missing link - which he was asked for again and again his whole life; it was a nightmare for him! It cannot be just a jump from a monkey to a man: this moment you are a monkey and next moment you decide to be a man, and you become a man. There must be a missing link.not only a link, perhaps many links, many steps slowly, slowly, but they should be available.

Darwin could not even find dead bodies that would have been a proof of a link. We have been searching for dead bodies and we have found one ninety thousand years old - a human body in China. But it is still human; it is not a monkey. It was preserved by the snow. It is still human, as human as you are.

Hindus have a totally different approach. It is to be remembered that this is the only point on which all the three religions that were born in India agree: about everything else they have their own philosophy, but about reincarnation they all agree. And that is not just an accident, because all three religions were working on the same lines - looking into the unconscious of man - and they all found the same results. To call the cow mother.the whole world laughs at it, but I don’t think anybody understands why Hindus call the cow mother. If they are right - the cow has the qualities of a mother, and it is far better to be connected with the cows than with the monkeys.

So don’t try to remember. It is not a question of remembering. You cannot cross the barrier with the conscious mind; you can only imagine, and you will know that it is only imagination because it changes every time, so you know perfectly well that you are imagining. Go through a hypnotic process. And the hypnotic process is very simple - the simplest.

The mind, the conscious mind, has to be focused on something just for a few seconds - for example, an electric light bulb. Don’t have anything in the room so that the mind can wander here and there; just have a bare room with only one thing, an electric light which is on in the night. Lie down, be relaxed, and take the help of a person whom you trust. That is the most important thing, because the conscious mind will not relax unless there is trust. It will keep itself alert, because the man may do something, take you someplace, and you will not be aware of it. That’s why I said hypnosis was part of a mystery school where there were masters whom people trusted, or there was one great master who helped you. You trusted him, and he said to you, “This man is going to take you into hypnosis. Your trust in me should be your trust in him too; I am choosing him.” Or if it was possible for the master himself, if the school was small, then he would do it once in a while, just to show others what happens.

The process is very simple. You have to lie down relaxed, the whole body relaxed. Looking inside the body starting from the toe, see if there is any tension. If there is any tension near the knee or near the stomach or anywhere, then relax it there. Bring that relaxation up to your head - and keep your eyes focused on the light.

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