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Chapter 11: None Can Transcend It

Hypnotism causes the deepest sleep. Many experiments in hypnosis are happening in the West. It has become a legitimate science now; it is no longer considered to be magic. Hypnosis is now even being used in hospitals. They are using it not only for minor things but also for major surgical operations. You cannot undergo surgery in ordinary sleep: the patient will wake up even if he is pricked with a needle. But a major surgery can be performed in a hypnotized state: an appendix can be removed or the stomach can be operated on. The surgery may take many hours but the patient will remain asleep, so hypnotism is the deepest sleep. But there is one very interesting thing about hypnotism and that is that the patient will keep on sleeping even when his stomach is being cut open, but if you want him to do something which is against his morality, against his beliefs, then he will immediately wake up.

For example, if a Hindu woman, who in accord with the Hindu tradition, has not loved anyone except her husband, is hypnotized - if she has loved another man then it’s a different thing - and told to kiss a man who is sitting next to her, she will immediately come out of the hypnosis no matter how deep it had been. She will get up and say, “What did you say? This is impossible!” But you can cut the stomach open and it won’t break a hypnotic sleep. Inside, some part remains awake. If the woman agrees to give the kiss, then psychiatrists say that it is because she wanted to do it but it was suppressed in her unconscious because of her moral code. Now in a hypnotic trance she has the opportunity and she will not be held responsible for her action. She can say that she was unconscious - “I can’t take any responsibility for what I did” - so she can give the kiss.

A person will wake up from a deep hypnosis if something goes against his moral values. He will do only what he wants to do. Ultimately the choice is his.

Even in the deepest sleep, within you there is something that is awake. This sutra says that the One that is awake while the body is asleep, that very essence remains awake when all of nature has gone to sleep in pralaya, the end of creation. Western scientists and mathematicians have now begun to respect the insights which have been prevalent in India. In the West the Christian theory is that God created this world just four thousand years ago. Now this idea has been proved to be wrong. This has harmed Christianity because they keep on insisting that it is written in their holy book, so it must be true. But their own scientists have discovered that this Earth has existed for four billion years and the Christians say that it is only four thousand years old. On this Earth there are fossils which prove to be millions of years old, so this Christian theory has been proved wrong.

The Hindu calculation goes back for billions of years, and they say that billions of years are like one day to the divine. They say that the beginning of creation and the end of creation are the same as one day to the brahman; billions of our years are as one day to the divine.

Then comes night and the whole of nature goes to sleep; finally, nature also becomes tired. It is not only that you get tired in a day: the trees, plants, these mountains, this Earth, this moon and these stars also get tired. This understanding of the phenomenon of tiredness is very clear to the Indian sages. If you can become tired, then one day everything will become tired. It does not matter how long it takes - the day on which all of creation tires and goes to rest, then this will be pralaya. When everything returns to sleep then it is the beginning of the Night of the Brahman. But even then, the one that will remain awake is the divine.