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Chapter 44: Watchfulness Is the Greatest Magic

Trust is the foundation to begin with. You can even start by yourself, but the problem is, you don’t trust yourself; otherwise there is no problem, there is no need for anybody else to hypnotize you. You can hypnotize yourself. But that is the difficulty: nobody trusts himself. You know yourself, you know how deceptive you are, you know how cunning you are, you know you say one thing and you don’t mean it. You know that you decide that tomorrow morning you will get up early, and when you are deciding it, even at that time you know that it is not going to happen.

So you cannot trust yourself - that is the problem. That’s why somebody else’s help is needed, somebody you can trust, somebody in whose hands you can leave yourself without any fear. And the person who hypnotizes you, if he really loves you, would like you to get into self-hypnosis as soon as possible, because then you are totally free. Then you can do whatsoever you want to do with it.

If you want to stop smoking you can do it so easily. If you want to change anything in you which you think is impossible, you can give it a try - nothing is impossible. You have decided many times to change this, to change that, but you have always failed, because the decision remains in the conscious and the action comes from the unconscious - they don’t meet.

The unconscious never hears anything that the conscious is deciding, and the conscious cannot control the unconscious - the unconscious is so vast.

The secret of hypnosis is that it takes you to the unconscious, and then you can put the seed of anything in the unconscious, and it will grow, blossom. The blossoming will happen in the conscious, but the roots will remain in the unconscious.

As far as I am concerned, hypnosis is going to be one of the most significant parts of the mystery school. Such a simple method, which only demands a little trust, a little innocence, can bring miraculous changes in your life - and not in ordinary things only. Slowly it can become the path of your meditation.

You meditate, but you don’t succeed. You don’t succeed in watching; you get mixed up with thoughts, you forget watching. You remember later on, “I was going to watch, but I am thinking.” Hypnosis can help you; it can make the watcher and the thoughts separate.

For spiritual growth I don’t think there is anything more important than hypnosis.

As you have announced each new phase of your work, I have been immensely excited and said to myself, “Great! Now we are really going to begin the work.” And each phase in its turn has been more amazing than the one before it.

Now you speak of a mystery school. My mind shouts out, “Hey, that sounds esoteric, and Osho always insists that truth is not esoteric, but absolutely pragmatic, an open secret.” That’s what my mind says.

If things are otherwise though, then count me in. I am coming with you all the way.

Also, the mystery school has begun already, has it not?”

It has begun. And truth is both: it is pragmatic and it is esoteric.

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