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Chapter 4: A Buddhafield in Spring

The first question:

In yesterday’s lecture you said that programs, names and labels and becoming crystallized and identified are hindrances and liabilities in the seeker’s search for the supreme self. This is so for me. I don’t want a label. I want to be vast, unlimited. I don’t want to be crystallized. I want to flow like a mountain stream. To become acknowledged by the organization around you as a disciple, one must accept a program which in part consists of wearing the mala and orange clothes and having your name changed which seem to function as badges or labels identifying one as a sannyasin.
Please explain what a neo-sannyasin is and what, if anything, it requires to be one. This is important to me because you are a light in the dark for me, but the only way to get close to you, to talk to you, is to become a sannyasin which seems to involve carrying some extra bags beyond the simple wish to stand in your guiding light.

Roland Seeman, sannyas is not a program at all. It is a process of de-programming. But because you are programmed already, you will have to accept the process of de-programming.

You say you don’t want to get identified with a name - then who is this Roland Seeman? You say you don’t want to become a label, but you are one. The question is not of becoming a label, a name - you already are one. It is as if a hypnotized person says, “I don’t want to be hypnotized.” Neo-sannyas is a process of de-hypnosis: the person who is already hypnotized needs to be de-hypnotized - if he says this again is a kind of hypnosis, then he is going to remain hypnotized forever.

The society hypnotizes you, the church hypnotizes you, the parents hypnotize you. You have passed through that process already; now you will have to go backwards. Neo-sannyas is a process of dropping all that has been forced on you; neo-sannyas is an anti-process.

Mulla Nasruddin has a signboard in front of his office saying that no salesmen are allowed in. If anybody tries to enter he will be prosecuted.

A friend asked him, “Why are you so much against salesmen?”

He said, “They bore me to death.”

The friend said, “That’s true, that’s my experience too. From where did you get this signboard?”

And Mulla laughed and said, “That is the only practical thing I have ever purchased from a salesman.”

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