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Chapter 3: Sleep, Identification, Duality

I worked once with a man, and he was a very, very good medium for hypnosis. One-third of the people in the world are good mediums, thirty-three percent, and those people are not unintelligent. Those people are very, very intelligent, imaginative, creative. From this thirty-three percent come all the great scientists, all the great artists, poets, painters, musicians. If a man can be hypnotized, that shows that he is very sensitive. Just the contrary is the rumor: people think that only a person who is a little stupid can be hypnotized. That is absolutely wrong. It is almost impossible to hypnotize an idiot, because he won’t listen, he won’t understand, and he will not be able to imagine. A very strong power of imagination is needed. People think that only weak personalities can be hypnotized. Absolutely wrong - only very strong persons can be hypnotized. A weak person is so loose that he has no integration in him, he has no center in him. And unless you have a center of some sort hypnosis cannot work, because from where will it work and spread through your being? And a weak person is so uncertain about everything, so unconfident about himself, that he cannot be hypnotized. Only people who have strong personalities can be hypnotized.

I worked on many people and this is my finding: that a person who can be hypnotized can be de-hypnotized, and a person who cannot be hypnotized finds it very difficult to move on the spiritual path, because the ladder goes both ways. If you can be hypnotized easily, you can be de-hypnotized easily. The ladder is the same. Whether you are hypnotized or de-hypnotized, you move on the same ladder; only the direction differs.

I was working on one young man for many years. One day I hypnotized him and gave him what hypnotists call a post-hypnotic suggestion. I told him, “Tomorrow, exactly at this hour - it was nine o’clock in the morning - you will come to see me. You will have to come to see me. There is no apparent reason for coming, but at exactly nine o’clock you will have to come.” He was unconscious and I told him, “When you come tomorrow at nine o’clock, exactly at nine, you will jump on my bed and kiss the pillow, embrace the pillow as if the pillow is your beloved.”

Of course, the next day at a quarter to nine he arrived, but I was not sitting in my bedroom, I was sitting on the veranda waiting for him. He came. I asked, “Why have you come?”

He shrugged his shoulders. He said, “Just by chance I was passing and a thought came: why not come to you?” He was not aware that a post-hypnotic suggestion was working; he was finding a rationalization. He said, “I was just passing through this road.”

I asked him, “Why were you passing through this road? You never pass, and this is out of your way. Unless you want to come to me, there is no point in going out of the town.”

He said, “Just for a morning walk” - a rationalization. He could not think that he had come without any reason, otherwise it would be too much of a shattering experience to the ego. “Are you mad?” he might think. But he was fidgety, uncomfortable. He was looking all around not knowing why. He was looking for the pillow and the bed, and the bed was not there. And knowingly, I was sitting outside. As minutes passed, he became more and more restless.

I asked him, “Why are you so restless? You cannot even sit properly. Why do you change position?”

He said, “Last night I could not sleep well” - a rationalization again. One has to somehow find reasons, otherwise one would look mad. Then at just five minutes before nine he said, “It is too hot here.” It was not, because he had gone for a morning walk and it was winter. “It is too hot here. Can’t we go inside?” - again a rationalization.

I tried to avoid this and I said, “It is not hot.”

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