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Chapter 9: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

The hero said, “There is something I would like to say. I am going to get married on the day the real drama is going to be played, so I thought that I should at least attend the rehearsals. I will not be here on that day - that’s why I have never absented myself.”

Know well that exactly on the day when the real drama is to start, you will not be here. It is just a rehearsal: preparation and preparation.

Possessing things is simply preparing to live, arranging so that you will be able to live. But to live, no arrangement is needed; everything is already ready. Everything is absolutely ready; only you are needed to participate. Nothing is lacking.

This is what I call the religious attitude: this urgency that you have to live now and there is no other way to live. Now is the only way to live and to be, and here is the only home. There and then are deceptions, mirages.beware of them!

Now try to understand these very significant sutras in the gospel:

And it came to pass, that,
as they went in the way,
a certain man said unto him,
“Lord, I will follow thee
whithersoever thou goest.”

When you come across a man like Jesus or Buddha, something suddenly strikes. They have a magnetism, a presence which attracts you, which surrounds you, invokes you, invites you, becomes a deep call in the heart of the hearts. You simply forget yourself; you forget your way of life. In the presence of a Jesus, you are almost absent. His presence is so much that for a moment you are dazzled, for a moment you don’t know what you are saying, for a moment you utter things you never meant to utter - as if you are hypnotized.

It is a hypnosis. Not that Jesus is hypnotizing you - his very presence becomes a concentration of your being. It becomes such a deep attraction that the whole world is forgotten. You must have been going somewhere to do something: you have forgotten it. You must have been coming from somewhere: you have forgotten about it. Suddenly, in his presence, the past and future disappear. Suddenly you are here and now and a different world opens: a new dimension is revealed.

And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, a certain man said unto him, “Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.” This man doesn’t know himself what he is saying. It is an urge of the moment. After a moment he will repent for it, after a moment he will start looking backwards, after a moment he will start thinking about what he has done.

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