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Chapter 17: Wholeness Is Holiness

Faith for religion, faith for deeper penetration into reality, faith for love, faith for life - this is a different passage. Doubt is not needed. Doubt for scientific research, for scientific approach, for facts, for dead facts, for observation.. For the outer world, doubt is a basic instrument; for the inner world, faith is the basic instrument.

And these two need not be in conflict. They are in conflict because we are trained in one, and we cannot move from one to another. That difficulty in movement is only a difficulty of wrong training. Otherwise, when you are working a mathematical problem, use mathematics; but when you are looking at a flower, there is no need of your mathematics coming in between. Then be poetic. With a flower, mathematics is not needed. With a full-moon night, mathematics is not needed. Forget mathematics, open another door of your being.

Jesus has said, “My father’s house has many mansions,” many dimensions. You are also not a one-door house - you need not be. If you are, it just means that only one door has been opened or ever tried. There are other doors. And you will be richer for that, if you can use other doors; then your personality will be less fixed, more riverlike. Then you will be less dead, more alive. Movement is life, and the subtler the movement, the more abundant your life will be.

So use doubt as an instrument, use faith as an instrument. But how is it possible? Now the second point: it is possible only if you are not identified with either. If you become identified with doubt, then you cannot move. Then your mind is doubt, so how can you move to faith? If you are identified with faith, then you cannot move to doubt.

So don’t be identified with doors. You are different, doors are different. When you and doors are different, then there is no difficulty - you can move. So don’t think that doubt is your being or faith is your being. Faith is a door, doubt is a door. You can move from either, from one to another. Identified, then there is no choice.

We are all identified. We go on saying, “No, I cannot believe, I cannot have faith, because I am a skeptic.” Or someone says, “I cannot doubt because I am a religious man.” This shows your consciousness has become fixed, stonelike. It is not riverlike, moving, flowing. Flow, move!

So the second point: mind has to be trained not to be identified with instruments. Then you can use them. You can use a sword, but if you are so identified that your hand has become the sword, then how can you have a roseflower in your hand? Then you will say, “It is impossible. How can I have a roseflower in my hand? My hand is a sword, and there is no relationship between a sword and a flower.” But you can put up the sword, you can take up a flower. If your hand is free from identification, only then does it become possible.

So the second point: don’t be identified. In the future, we have to create an education which teaches nonidentification with instruments. Then it is very easy - very easy.

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