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Chapter 4: Desire: The Link with Life

You may be seeking God only because you are fearful of death. Then, under the garb of “God,” you are really asking for immortality, to not ever die, an eternal life. You know this life - that is your experience - now you want to make it eternal. So whenever we talk about God, the divine, liberation, moksha, don’t be deceived by the words because the words may be hiding something totally different - and they are hiding, because how can you desire the unknown? How can you conceive of it? How can you ask for it?

Really, the phenomenon is quite different. When you are not in desire the unknown comes to you - you cannot desire it. When you are desireless the unknown comes to you. You cannot desire it. The state of desirelessness is the opening for the unknown to come. You cannot desire it because the very desire will become the hindrance.

So mind goes on repeating; it is a mechanical thing. So the dynamism is not in the mind - mind is just a dead, mechanical thing - the dynamism is in your consciousness, and if your consciousness is identified with the mind then the dead mind becomes dynamic. The dynamism belongs to your energy, it is not part of your mind. You are the dynamism behind it. If you are identified with the mind, if you think that you are the mind, then the mind begins to be dynamic. If you are not identified with the mind, then the mind is just dead - just a dead weight, just a mechanical accumulation.

It is a long accumulation - millennia of evolution, many, many, many lives are accumulated there. It is not only that your mind belongs to this life, it belongs to life as such. It has evolved, so it has deep grooves. It is not only that you fall in love: your father and mother have fallen in love, their fathers and their mothers, and theirs and theirs - they have all fallen in love. The mind has a deep groove of falling in love, so when you fall in love don’t be deceived that you are falling in love. The whole humanity is behind you; the whole humanity has made the groove. It is in your bones, it is in your cells, it is in your very metabolism. Every cell has a sex part in it, and every cell has a groove, and every cell has a mind, memory - long memories, beginningless memories. So if you are identified with this mind it becomes a force - a dynamic force. You give the energy; but the dead machine begins to move, you pedal it.

So remember: energy belongs to you, dynamism belongs to you. Mind is a mechanical thing produced by millennia of evolution, but it has deep grooves, and if you are identified then you will have to flow through those grooves. Then there is no escape.

So the first thing is how not to identify, how to remember constantly that mind is one thing and you are something else. It is difficult, it is arduous, but it is possible. It is not impossible. If you once have even a moment’s glimpse of unidentified existence, then you will never be the same again. Once you come to know that mind is not the force: “I am the force, the vitality comes from me,” if even for a single moment you have the glimpse of your mastery, then mind will never be master again. Only then can you move into the unknown.

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