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Chapter 16: This Existence Is Paradise

When non-sannyasins that I know are not drawn to sannyas and do not fall in love with you, I find myself feeling very angry, hurt, and frustrated about it. Can you please explain this reaction of mine?

This has been the tragedy of the whole human history. People want to convert other people to their idea, their ideology, without realizing that this is against the freedom of the individual. All kinds of conversion are fanatic. All the missionaries are simply businessmen - just selling invisible things to gullible people. They are the greatest parasites that have existed ever.

You have to understand one thing very clearly. This is not a religion, it is only a religiousness. You can open your heart to anybody you love, respect, but to make any effort to convert him is a trespass. You are entering into that man’s territory, you are an invader. And the reason why people do this is very strange.

Psychologically, all the people like Witnesses of Jehovah and other idiots, who are forcing their ideas on other people.their means may differ, but their end is the same. A Mohammedan comes with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other. You can choose. The Christian missionary comes with The Holy Bible in one hand and bread and butter in the other. You can choose. But both are doing the same thing. They are trying to enslave you, to destroy your freedom of thinking, freedom of inquiry. They want you to believe, they want you to become part of their politics of numbers.

What is the power of the Polack pope? Six hundred million Catholics are his power; otherwise he is a simpleton. Take those six hundred million Catholics away, and he will have to go back to Poland and be just a Polack. His popedom depends on how many people are Catholics. More people are needed, so the kingdom becomes bigger.

Every religion has tried to convert the whole world. What is the psychological reason for it? What kind of mind becomes a missionary? You have not yet experienced the truth for which you are canvassing. If you can convert somebody to your ideology, that will give you a sense that certainly what you have is true. More people are converted to your ideology, and your conviction that whatever you are saying is true grows stronger. When somebody refuses, anger arises in you.

It is his birthright to refuse. He wants to go on his own way. Why should you be angry? He is not your slave. But the anger arises because he has not helped you to become stronger in your own belief. Your truth is not your experience. It is simply a belief, and all beliefs are lies. They need support from outside.

Truth needs to convert nobody.

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