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Chapter 2: A Cloud of Virgin Bliss

The first question:

Even the words of someone as totally against ideology as yourself, contain a continuous, if subtle ideology. Is it impossible to talk seriously without it?

It is not only impossible to talk seriously about it, it is impossible to talk about it - seriously is not the question. Just to talk about it is impossible because the talk implies language.

Language has a pattern, language itself is an ideology. To use language is to fall into the trap of it. Language has a logic, a system, a substratum. Once you talk about something you have entered into the world of ideology. But to talk is a necessary evil, it has to be tolerated.

I would like not to talk. I would like to convey and commune directly, without language. But then it will not reach you. The silence will not be understood.

So I have to use language, knowing well that this is a necessary evil, knowing well that you have to transcend it, knowing well that that which is worth saying cannot be said in it, knowing well that the moment you utter a truth the very uttering falsifies it. But before you become capable of understanding silence, that communion from heart to heart is not possible. So I talk to help you towards silence.

By my talking you will not understand silence, but by my talk you may have a taste, a fragrance. By my talk you may be able to listen to the silence that is bound to be there between two words, the silence that is bound to be there between two sentences. Whatsoever I say is not important. The gap between is important.

Don’t pay too much attention to what I say. The words are like two banks of the river. The banks are not the river. Don’t get too attached to the banks - they won’t quench your thirst. Forget the banks, just look in between: the gap, the silence between two words is the river. That’s what I am trying to convey to you.

I know you listen to the words, you don’t listen to the silence. The gestalt has to be changed. But one day it happens.if you go on listening, one day it happens. Suddenly, one day, unaware, you are caught. Suddenly, for the first time, words are no more important but the being that I am touches you. The ears go on listening to the words but the heart is moving in some unknown direction. It cannot be planned to happen, but it happens.

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