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Chapter 6: Bodhisattvahood

In many Western asylums there are people who are not really mad but because of bodhisattvahood they have gone mad. They don’t need psychiatric treatment, they don’t need electric shocks, they don’t need tranquilizers. They don’t need unnecessary torture, they don’t need psychoanalysis. All that they need is a compassionate buddha around them. The presence of a buddha - all that is needed is that. Just the presence of the buddha will bring them back, will become a great pull, a magnetic force, and will bring them back to their consciousness. But they are being tortured, they are being put through unnecessary things, because once you think they are mad you start treating them as mad.

Buddhism is one of the most scientific religions of the world. It has all the maps that are needed for the growth of consciousness. And bodhisattvahood is very essential. Before one becomes a buddha one is bound to pass through bodhisattvahood. But, it is nonsense, that is true.

The second question:

Where does care for others become interference?

The moment ideology enters, care becomes interference, love turns bitter, becomes almost a kind of hatred, and your protection becomes a prison. The ideology makes the difference.

For example, if you are a mother, take care of the child. He needs you, he cannot survive without you. You are a must.

He needs food, he needs love, he needs care - but he does not need your ideology, he does not need your ideals, he does not need your Christianity, your Hinduism, your Islam, your Buddhism. He does not need your scriptures, he does not need your beliefs. He does not need your ideals of how he should be. Only avoid ideology, ideals, goals, ends, and then care is beautiful, then care is innocent. Otherwise care is cunning.

When there is no ideology in your caring - you don’t want to make your child a Christian, you don’t want to make your child this or that, communist or fascist, you don’t want your child to become a businessman or a doctor or an engineer.. You don’t have any ideas for your child. You say, “I will love, and when you grow up, you choose - and be whatsoever is natural for you to be. My blessings.whatsoever you are, my blessings. And whatsoever you will be, from my side you are accepted and welcome. Not that only when you become the president of the country will I love you and if you become just a carpenter then there will be no love, then I will feel ashamed of you. Not that only when you bring a gold medal from the university will there be a welcome and if you come back a failure I will be ashamed of you. Not that only when you are good, virtuous, moral, this and that, will you be my child and otherwise I am not related to you, you are not related to me.”

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