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Chapter 4: The Forgotten Language of Ecstasy

The questioner has asked: “What do you mean by ‘the way of religion’? I have always been so strongly against religion that I cannot imagine what it means.” True. If you are against religion, how can you understand it? If you are for religion, then too you cannot understand it. The people who are for and against can never understand because they have decided a priori - without experiencing, they have decided! They are prejudiced.

If you have decided God exists, you will never be able to know him. If you have decided God does not exist, how can you know him?

Be more vulnerable. Don’t be so prejudiced, don’t decide. Experience, and let experience be decisive. Never decide before the experience - never, never. Otherwise you will always be surrounded by your prejudice and your prejudice will become a screen. And that won’t allow you to see that which is.

“The way of religion” is the way of truth, the way of nature. The word religion comes from a root which means “to tie you together” - religare. Ordinarily you have fallen apart from existence, you have forgotten that you are not in rhythm with existence. You have started moving on your own. You have lost contact with the real, you have started living in your imagination. That is what I call the lie. You have started living a private life; you are no longer living an existential life. You have become idiots. The word idiot is beautiful, it comes from a root which means one who lives a private life. One who has his own idiom of life - that is the idiot. The world is going one way and you are going another - then you are an idiot. The whole existence is moving in one way and you have your own private goal!

A man who is after money is an idiot, because the sun is not after money, the moon is not after money, trees are not after money, animals are not after money; rivers, mountains, they are not so idiotic. The whole of existence lives without money and a man is mad after money. He suffers from idiocy, the greatest disease there is. He has a private goal. If some day he comes face to face with God and God asks him, “What were you seeking?” and he says, “Money,” God will not be able to understand what he means by “money.” He may not have ever heard the word money. It will be very difficult to explain it to him. Some great economist - Adam Smith, Ricardo, Galbraith or somebody - may be able to explain, but I’m suspicious. God will not be able to understand what money is - the whole of existence lives without money. Man has created an idiocy.

Or you say, “I was after political power.” God will not be able to understand. It will be very difficult to explain it to him, that you wanted to become a minister or a prime minister or a president. He will ask, “For what? Why should one ever be mad after power in the first place? And I have given you all the power that you need. And I have given you all the possibilities to be blissful that you need. For what were you wasting these opportunities, this life, and sacrificing everything for some foolish, stupid thing - that you would like to sit on a throne?” Just think of your great emperors. How stupid and foolish. But man has created his idiocies.

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