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Chapter 8: In Existence There Is No Question

Uniqueness is uniqueness, less and more don’t apply to it. You are already unique. One realizes this only when one is ready to become ordinary, this is the paradox. But if you understand, there is no problem about it, the paradox is there, and beautiful, and no problem exists. A paradox is not a problem. It looks like a problem if you don’t understand; if you understand, it is beautiful, a mystery.

Become ordinary, and you will become extraordinary; try to become extraordinary and you will remain ordinary.

The third question:

Osho, After two years with you I seem to have become an idiot. I don’t know where I’m going or what I want or even what I like. I find this state very painful. And in all this suffering I feel that I am growing apart from, rather than closer to you.

This is precisely what I want. You should become idiots. That is the greatest performance you can perform. That is the peak, the pinnacle, that intelligence can achieve.

This is the whole effort: you should be ignorant, you should drop all knowledge, all belief, all the rubbish that comes from accumulating words, theories, doctrines. They give you a sense of power and a sense that you are somebody and a sense of intelligence. When you stop carrying this burden of scriptures, doctrines, doctrinaires, suddenly you realize that you are an idiot, because now the ego is no longer on firm ground, it is trembling. In fact I’m trying to take the earth away from your feet. The moment will come when you realize that you are an idiot - it is a beautiful moment, if you understand.

You can miss it. There is more possibility of missing it. Then you can fall back on your knowledge again, and cling to it. If you understand it, immediately there is a transformation, because ignorance means a cleaning. Now your slate is clean, nothing is written on it. Now your mind is empty, hollow, nothing fills it. Now there is no furniture in the mind, now the house has space. Much is possible in this space but the moment you call it idiotic, or you say to yourself, “I am feeling like an idiot,” you have already condemned it.

Soon we will come across Lao Tzu’s saying: In this whole world only I am an idiot. Everybody seems to be so wise, everybody knows where he is going to, where he is coming from, only I seem to be bewildered. Everybody seems to be so intelligent, only I seem to be muddleheaded. Soon we will come across that saying.

So try to understand this state; this state is a great passage. From the rubbish that you call knowledge you are now entering the world of being and existence. In the interval, the interim period, you will feel like an idiot. Feel and enjoy it. Don’t get disturbed. What is wrong in being an idiot?

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