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Chapter 4: The Blessed One

That’s why a materialist goes on saying that the samadhi of Patanjali is illusion, the nirvana of Buddha is imaginary, the satori of Zen masters is just a game of the mind. Why does the materialist go on denying these things? Once you have this concept of matter, that everything has to be reduced to matter, then there are many things that cannot be reduced to matter. How to reduce the experience of satori into matter? The only possible way is to deny it, say it is not.

Nietzsche says God is not, God is dead, because if God is, then you have to accept Jesus, you have to accept Buddha, you have to accept Patanjali, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra. They are like rainbows.bridges between the known and the unknown. But you have to raise your eyes towards the sky.

If you look down into the earth and you go on digging there, you cannot look at the rainbows. If you deny the existence of sky itself and somebody says, “Look up!” you will say, “Where? There is no up.” And if somebody says, “I am seeing a beautiful rainbow in the sky,” you will say, “You must be hallucinating, you must be in a delusion. What are you talking about? There is no sky, so there is no possibility for any rainbow.”

By denying God, we deny all possibilities of all rainbows. But then man becomes stuck. Then you are not going anywhere, then you are a stagnant pool.just waiting to die. For a materialist there is nothing else - just waiting to die. His life becomes a tremendous burden, anguish.

Jean-Paul Sartre calls man a useless passion. If there is no God, he is right. If there is no God, then why are you existing, for what? If you cannot become God, then what is the point of it all? Why go on existing and why go on carrying this anguish, angst, this anxiety, this tense life? Why? Why continue this nightmare? Why not drop out of it?

In one of Dostoevsky’s great novels, Brothers Karamazov, one character says to God, “If I ever meet you, I want to give back this ticket that you gave me to enter into the world. Take it back! I don’t want to be here; it is so pointless.”

Jean-Paul Sartre is right. If there is no God then existence is meaningless. Then it is just a tale told by an idiot, full of fury and noise, signifying nothing. Then it is a madhouse.

With God, with the very concept of “God,” things start falling in line. Then it is not just a tale told by an idiot; then life has meaning. The meaning comes from the beyond. The meaning always comes from the transcendental. The meaning is always surpassing that which is. If you deny all future possibilities, then meaning disappears, then life is futile.

I call myself God because I would like to introduce you to a life of passionate meaning, full of meaning.a life of significance, grandeur, beauty, truth. With God, everything becomes possible. Without God, everything becomes impossible.

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