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Chapter 9: The Need for Authenticity

Is reincarnation a part of your teachings?

I don’t talk much about doctrines. I am not very interested in intellectual gymnastics. Reincarnation is a fact, but I don’t talk much about it. I may help you to remember your past lives, but I don’t make a doctrine out of it. If you can remember them then it is okay. If you don’t remember them, that too is okay. But I don’t talk about it. It is useless.

You have said that belief is impossible today. Perhaps we can no longer believe in the same things that we believed in the past, but it seems to me that it is impossible to totally disregard belief. For example, don’t you believe that what you are saying is true?

It is true, but I don’t believe it. I know it. That’s different. Knowledge is not belief.

Belief comes out of ignorance. You don’t believe in the sun, but you believe in God. We do not need to believe that we are sitting here; we know it as a fact. But if I say that some ghost is also present, if you cannot see the ghost, you will either have to believe what I say or disbelieve it.

Belief comes only when you don’t know. When you know, there is no question of belief. What I am saying is not a question of belief. I know it is so; it is a fact. I don’t insist that you should also believe it as a fact. I only say that you should experiment with it so that you can also come to know it as a fact.

Belief is basically concerned with ignorance. With knowledge, there is no belief. You do not “believe” in science. What would be the use of it? You don’t “believe” that two plus two make four. Only fictions have to be believed, not facts.

What I am saying is a fact to me, but if I insist that you also believe it to be a fact because I am saying it. That kind of belief has become impossible, and it is good that it has become impossible.

To me, if something is a fact then it is a fact for everyone. If it isn’t, then it’s not a fact; it’s somebody’s belief.

No, no. There are two types of facts: objective and subjective. For example, if I say that I love you, there can be no objective proof. How can I prove it objectively? Can any kind of detection prove that in my heart there is love? If I try to act in a loving way so that you will know that I love you, then I am just acting. How can it be proved objectively that I have love in my heart? But it still is a fact, a subjective fact.

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