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Chapter 2: First Taste Your Own Being

The first question:

Do you believe in you?
Do you believe in God?
Who is God?

No, I don’t believe in me.I cannot, because I am not. There is nobody I to be believed in, and nobody to believe in it either.

If you believe in yourself, you believe in an illusion. The very belief will prevent you from knowing the reality.

Once you start believing in an illusion, you start losing contact with the real. To know the real, all illusions have to be dropped - and the greatest illusion of all is the ego, the I.

You ask me: “Do you believe in you?”

No, not at all. That’s why I am able to know.

You ask: “Do you believe in God?”

No again - because to believe in God is not to know Him. Belief is always out of ignorance. Those who don’t know, they believe. If you know, what is the point of believing in? When you know, you know!

You don’t believe in the morning sun. You don’t believe in the trees and in the mountains. You need not! You know the sun is there. You know the people are there, you know the trees are there. There is no question of belief. Why do you believe in God? Because you don’t know.

You substitute your knowledge by belief. You hide your ignorance behind the belief. The belief gives you a pretension of knowing. All beliefs are pretentious. All beliefs are deceptions. Whom are you deceiving? You yourself are deceived.

When a man says, “I believe in God,” he is saying he has not been able to know God - that’s all he is saying. He is not strong enough to say it that way. He is not strong enough to see his own ignorance and accept it. Hence, he says, “I believe in God!” What is the need of believing in God if you know?

Knowledge never becomes belief. Knowledge remains knowledge. Ignorance tries to become belief. Remember always: whenever you believe, it is just to hide your ignorance. It is a cheap knowledge that belief gives.

I don’t believe in God - because any relationship of belief is a wrong relationship. I know God.but to know God the only requirement is that I should not be. The moment you disappear, God appears. Only when you are spacious enough to contain Him, when you are no more there occupying inner space - in fact, absence of yourself is the presence of God.

Remember: you will never meet God. You cannot, because the meeting will mean you are also real and God is also real - then there will be two realities, not one. And reality is one. If you are, God cannot be. If God is, you cannot be.

And the third thing you ask: “Who is god?”

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