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Chapter 1: Truth and Knowledge

That old man is what Zen people mean by godliness. Their term is beautiful: “the old man.” It is your nature - ancientmost, eternal nature. It is the old man. Drop the mind. Stop thinking. Become more alert! See the trees and listen to the birds, with no screens of thoughts hindering the path. Meet directly. Truth is immediate, radiant, herenow. It is not that truth has to be discovered, only you have to become aware. Truth is already here.

Let me shake you, allow me to shake you out of your sleep. Don’t go on thinking that you understand. You don’t. Your knowledge is a way of ignoring the truth. Drop this ignorance. And ignorance cannot be dropped by accumulating more knowledge. Ignorance can be dropped only by dropping the knowledge that you have already accumulated.

Knowledge is the barrier to knowing. When knowledge is dropped, knowing flowers.

Enough for today.