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Chapter 9: What Can Man Offer?

But add the flame and the darkness is not there. Darkness really has no time, it has only duration. But by “duration” I mean that it is not piled one upon another, so it cannot become thick. So one moment’s darkness is as thick as one year’s or one century’s. It cannot be any thicker. It cannot be piled one upon another; it is not being piled up every moment. It cannot become thick and dense so that candlelight cannot penetrate it. It remains the same. It has only duration - a simple duration without any thickness being gathered.

Ignorance is just like darkness - a duration. You can be in it for centuries, for millennia, and in a single moment’s decision it is not there. It is just like light. The moment light is present the darkness is not there. The darkness cannot say, “This is not as it should be. I have been here for many, many centuries and this is not good. I have a hold on this place and I have the possession; I have been in possession.”

Nothing can be said. When the light is there, darkness simply drops. The enlightenment comes just like this, the offering comes. You can offer any moment - you decide. But the offer must be total, and it can be total only if you do not divide reality. Affirm life as divine; affirm both the polar opposites as That. Then, if you move or don’t move, you cannot go anywhere. Or, anywhere you go you will encounter That. This is a continuously arrowed mind, and this, the Upanishads say, is the only offering. All others are just false substitutes.