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Chapter 5: Existence Must Be Laughing at Man

Chiang Kai-shek, the dictator of China before Mao Zedong came to power, was one of the most powerful people on the earth. He had become very old - he was ninety years - when Mao removed him from power. He escaped to Formosa, a private resort for the dictator.

He changed the name of Formosa to Taiwan and made it the capital of China. The whole of China was gone, but he made this small island the capital of China and continued to remain dictator of the whole of China. There was no China in his hands, yet because of American support mainland China was not represented in the UN Chiang Kai-shek’s Taiwan represented China in the UN for many years - you cannot believe what kind of politicians are sitting on your chest. This man Chiang Kai-shek when he was dethroned in utter desperation, old age, sickness - he had passed ninety - was being interviewed in Taipei by an American reporter from Newsweek.

“And when was the last time you had an election, General?” the reporter asked.

Chiang Kai-shek winked and said, “Just before bleakfast.”

People’s egos are such, even at the age of ninety.that idiot is saying he had an erection just before breakfast.

There is a loud knock on the door and the psychiatrist hurries to answer it. “Doc,” says a frightened voice, “I must talk to you about my brother. He breaks thermometers, drinks the mercury and throws away the glass.”

“What?” shrieks the horrified shrink. “He throws away the glass? That is the best part!”

There are psychoanalysts who are far more insane than their patients but the ego goes on playing its games because they have qualifications, certificates. The ego very much enjoys degrees - PhD’s and DLitt’s - and they never look at the fact that they are either neurotic or psychotic themselves.

It is a known fact that psychoanalysts go mad four times more often than any other profession. It is strange. These are the people who are supposed to help humanity out of all kinds of neurosis, psychosis, but they themselves go to the mental asylum four times more than any profession in the world.

And every psychiatrist - it is hilarious - once in a while goes to another psychiatrist to be psychoanalyzed. After six, eight months, they themselves need psychoanalysis. Now on what grounds can these people help those who are in real need of help? But the ego never even suspects that something may be wrong. It always pretends to be right.

The meditator is the only person in the whole world who begins his first step with a deep feeling that, “I am ignorant. I don’t know anything.” With this ignorance comes innocence, side by side. And with this ignorance all the crap of your knowledge and words and imagination drops away. With this ignorance, slowly slowly, you settle into being just like a child with a clarity, a purity, a silence, an alertness.

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