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Chapter 9: A Wedding and a Wake

.till you arrive at God’s command.

And if you can go beyond reason and beyond your so-called life, suddenly you are taken up, possessed by God. Then it starts living through you. Then you become a flute, a hollow bamboo; then he sings the song.

You cannot see anything, being blind by night,
and by day one-eyed with your foolish wisdom!

In the night you cannot see because it is dark. In ignorance you cannot see because you are ignorant, and in knowledge you cannot see because your knowledge covers your eyes. The ignorant person is suffering because he is ignorant, and the knowledgeable person is suffering because he is knowledgeable.

Drop both! - ignorance and knowledge. Simply be utterly clean of knowledge and ignorance both - just be an opening. And in that opening comes the great guest, in that opening you become the host. God is ready to penetrate you, but either your ignorance prevents him or your knowledge prevents him. Remember, innocence is the absence of both - ignorance and knowledge. The innocent man is not aware that he knows, is not aware that he does not know.

He is simply a pure mirror, reflecting whatsoever is the case. Become a pure mirror - that’s what meditation is all about.

Enough for today.