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Chapter 6: Innocence

Only if the person truly possesses the faculty of wisdom and will power will he consent to step back and reflect.

The man of wisdom does not reflect. Reflection is another name for thinking, a superior kind of contemplation. But howsoever superior it may be, it is a form of thinking. The man who has eyes knows that light is; he never thinks about whether light is or is not. And if a man reflects about whether the light is or is not, one thing is certain: he has no eyes. Eyes don’t have to think. Eyes simply know, spontaneously know that light is.

The same is true when you have gone beyond the mind. There is no question of any reflection; you simply see whatsoever is the case. And because it is the nature of things, it cannot be otherwise; hence there arises a tremendous acceptance, called by Buddha tathata - ‘suchness’ or ‘thusness’. You cannot do anything. It is simply the nature of things.

All that is needed is for you to relax, be at rest, and accept the reality as it is - a total “yes,” holding nothing back. Naturally in this state of thusness there cannot be any misery and there cannot be any suffering. There is only immense silence and tremendous joy. Your whole being is continuously surrounded by music; you are still, and yet in a dance - a dance without movements and a song without words.

But Ta Hui is not yet aware of it. He goes on quoting masters whom he has been meeting.

Yung Chia also said, “The real nature of ignorance is identical to the nature of enlightenment. Original inherent nature is the naturally real enlightened one.”

He is quoting Yung Chia, but I don’t see that he understands what he is saying, or what he is quoting, because the following sentences show his ignorance. He has not understood Yung Chia.

He says,

If you think like this, suddenly, in the place where thought cannot reach, you will see the body of reality in which there is not a single thing - this is the place for you to get out of birth and death.

Can you see the contradiction?

First, Yung Chia’s statement is of great importance. He is saying “The real nature of ignorance.” What is the real nature of ignorance? Perhaps you have never thought about it.

What is the real nature of ignorance?

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