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Chapter 9: The Sun Is New Each Day

Responsibility is yours. And if you take it as yours, you can do something about it. If it is somebody else’s, what can you do? If others create sadness, you will always remain sad because what can you do about it? Millions of others are all around: if others make you frustrated then nothing can be done. You will remain frustrated, then this is your destiny - because how can you change others? If you are responsible, immediately you become a master. Now you can do something. You can change yourself, you can change your attitudes. You can look through different attitudes towards the world, and you can feel that if you feel miserable, somewhere you are a misfit in the total energy system. That’s all that sin means: you are a misfit, not knowing how to move in this total energy system. And the energy system is neutral. If you follow it you will be happy. If you don’t follow it, you will be miserable. This is the logos, the rit, the tao.

For example: if you are feeling thirsty and you don’t drink water you will be miserable, because in this energy system water gives you satiety, the thirst disappears. If you are feeling cold you move near fire, because in this energy system fire is the source of all warmth, heat. But if when you feel cold you move away from fire, then you will be miserable. Nobody is responsible. If when you are feeling thirsty, hot, you move near fire, you will be in hell!

I have heard that a man, a great sinner, died. Everybody knew that he was going to hell. It was so certain, it was obvious; there was no question about it. And when the procession - because he was a great sinner but a very great leader also, a very rich man, because sin has many successes, it pays in this world, so thousands were following, everybody fully aware that this man was going to hell, but still this man was very powerful - when the procession was going towards the cemetery, a truck loaded with coal, by accident, came on the road and started following the procession. The truck was going its own way, but it coincided.. Mulla Nasruddin, who was in the procession, exclaimed: “I was absolutely certain that this man is going to hell - but I could never have imagined that he has to provide his own coal!”

Hell is hot, fire. But I tell you, you are providing your own coal.

This is how things are: If you move against nature you will be in misery. Misery means moving against nature, and misery is a good indication - if you understand. It shows that somewhere you are going wrong, that’s all. Put things right! Misery is a help. Anguish, anxiety, tension, are indications that somewhere something is going wrong. You are not with the total. Somewhere you have started your own private movement - and then you will be in misery. Says Heraclitus: “Private intelligence is false.” Intelligence is with the whole. Don’t be too clever. You cannot be intelligent on your own. If you move with the existence you will be intelligent, you will have a clarity of perception, you will be wise. If you move on your own you will be a fool.

An idiot is a person who is completely closed within himself, caved in. He has no contact with the total energy system. That is his idiocy. And a wise man is one who is not closed at all - the air flows through him, the cosmos flows through him. He has no barriers, no doors closed. He has no privacy of his being. He is porous. And whenever he feels miserable, immediately he puts himself right; immediately he takes the indication. It is a symptom! It is just like illness: when you are not behaving with your body naturally, some illness erupts. That illness is a friend. It shows: “Behave, change your ways! Somewhere you are going against nature.” If you don’t take food for three or four days, you feel dizzy, you feel hungry, you feel sad. The whole body is saying to you, “Take food!” because the body needs energy.

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