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Chapter 11: Reality.That Which Works

One has to call it something so, “The job was a bungle and we still owe for it so we call it a bungalow.”

One has to call.so we go on labeling things and then we think we know. What exactly do you know? If you drop those names that have accumulated in your mind, what is left? Nothing, exactly, and that nothing has to be realized, because unless you recognize that nothingness you will never move in the right direction. The right direction is knowing, not knowledge.

What do your experts go on doing?.

I have heard about a doctor:

He had just started his practice and the first patient came. He examined the patient, but could not get hold of what kind of illness he was suffering from, and he didn’t want to show that he did not know. So he looked into the books, but still he could not find it. He became very nervous, and the patient was sitting on the bed and watching, and he started perspiring. Then suddenly an idea came to him. He asked the patient “Have you ever suffered from this illness before?”

The man said, “Yes, five years ago I suffered from it.”

And the doctor laughed and he said “So, one thing is certain. You have it again!”

At least he could say something now. He was at ease. “You have it again!” But even if you can find a name for it that doesn’t mean much.

“I really was worried about my son Timothy” confessed Mrs. Malone to her bridge cronies. “He had gotten into the habit of tucking all sorts of things into his pockets: twenty-dollar bills off my dressing table, other people’s silver spoons, things like that.. Then my husband suggested that I take the boy to see Dr. Thingamabob, who studied with Freud in Vienna, and do you know, girls, my husband was absolutely right. That doctor solved my Timothy’s problem after talking to him for just one hour. He told me ‘Mrs. Malone, your son is a thief.’”

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