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Chapter 15: Can We Celebrate Now?

Only in this country have a few people blossomed to the moment where they are no longer bodies and no longer small minds, but have become the very mind of the universe.

The question Haikyu is asking is relevant:

“Illusion obstructs.”

So say all the buddhas.

“.how can illusion be got rid of?”

Obviously, he is asking for a method, a technique. And that is where people get lost. You cannot get rid of illusions. Can you get rid of your dreams? When you are dreaming you cannot get out of them and get back into them.

One night, Mulla Nasruddin nudged his wife in the middle of the night, “Bring my glasses, quick.”

The wife said, “What is the matter? What are you going to do in the night with glasses?”

He said, “Don’t argue. Argue in the day. Right now bring the glasses. I was seeing such a beautiful woman and you know my eyesight is not good.”

He put on his glasses and tried hard to find the woman. But he could not find her. He only found that his wife was laughing.

“You are an idiot. Even in your sleep you are an idiot.”

You cannot throw a dream away, you cannot create it, you cannot un-create it, but you can still get out of it by becoming aware, just by jumping out of bed.

Obaku said.

to Haikyu’s question,

“Creating illusion, getting rid of illusion -
both these are illusion, for illusion has no root;
it appears by reason of discrimination.
If you do not think of contraries, such as ordinary and superior.”

the sudra and the brahmin, the black and the white,

“.illusion ceases of itself, and how can you then get rid of it.”

.when it has ceased? Do you ask when you wake up how to get rid of the dreams?”

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