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Chapter 6: Now Is the Only Real Time

The mind cannot trust - it is against the mind’s existence to trust such phenomena - so the mind immediately raises questions. Many times, many of you come very close to me. Sometimes it happens on a mass scale. Sometimes there are moments when all of you - almost all of you - are in a transformed state, in samadhi, just being one with me. But that moment slips. You cannot contain it, it is too much, you have to spill it. It is frightening too, because you see yourself disappearing and evaporating. And you cling, back to your old reality, and you raise a thousand and one questions. You raise great dust, great clouds of smoke so that you can feel settled again. The sky is no longer clear, there is no depth, the luminosity is lost, you are back into your old self and the mind is at ease. And the mind says, “Look, this is reality, that one cannot be real. And that one happens only for moments, and happens with this man. Maybe he is a magician, maybe he is a hypnotist, maybe he is doing something. The real is that which remains.” Mind says, “The real is that which remains forever. The ordinary sky is the real sky, and the ordinary beating of the heart is the real heart. You must have hallucinated.”

The mind will say these things again and again, and the window will open again and again. If you don’t listen to the mind it will open more often, you will see the light pouring in more often. Slowly, slowly the gestalt changes; that reality which happens for only moments becomes abiding, and this reality which looks very real because you have lived it this way for so many lives, slowly, slowly becomes unreal.

That is the meaning when Shankara says: “This world is illusory.” Not that these trees are illusory or these walls are illusory, or these rocks are illusory, what he means is that the way you have perceived it up to now is illusory because you are asleep.

That moment you were awake. It was a small, mini satori, very small. Just for a moment, a split moment the window opened. But even that is enough proof that there is a window, that there is a different kind of opening, that there is a way of knowing reality which is totally different, qualitatively different. You are fortunate, you are blessed. Let it come more and more. Allow it more and more. Even if it sometimes frightens you, take the challenge, risk all. Go into this adventure, this adventure is life.

Enough for today.