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Chapter 15: To Melt Is to Know

I am the inconceivable ultimate reality, without hands and without feet.

.Because thinking is possible only when something comes within the perception of the senses. The limits of the senses are the limits of thinking. Thinking can happen only to the extent that the senses can perceive. Thinking is the follower of the senses. What your eyes have seen, your mind can think about, and what your eyes have not seen, your mind cannot think about.

People say that certain things are “only imagination” - but imagination is also based on your experiences. Imagination is not just imagination: it is a combination of two or more actual experiences. You can say that you have never seen any golden horse that flies in the sky, but you can imagine it. You have seen flying things, you have seen things of gold and you have seen horses: now, you are only combining these three experiences, there is no imagination in it. You are simply combining three experiences, but all the experiences are your own. If you can manage to imagine even one thing which is not in your experience in any way, you have done a miracle. It has never happened up to now.

Whatever you can think of is based on some experience that has been given to you by your senses. Mind is not the leader of the senses, it is their follower. Mind is not the master of the senses, it is only their servant. The eyes contribute, the ears contribute, the hands contribute, the nose contributes, the tongue contributes, and mind accumulates all these experiences and follows them. Can your mind think about a single thing that is not a contribution of your five senses, that is not related to your five senses? It cannot think about a single thing without the senses.

Perhaps it will be easier if you try to understand it a little differently. There are many different kinds of creatures on the Earth, and there are some creatures that have only four senses. Suppose what they are missing is sight: then light will never enter into the world of their perceptions. There are some creatures that have only three senses: suppose they also don’t have hearing - then there will never be any experience of light or sound in their lives. They will not even be able to think, reflect or dream about it.

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