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Chapter 75: Seek the Rhythm of Opposites

You just try some simple technique so that you can feel how reality can be created through imagination. Unless you feel it, you cannot work with this technique. Just count your pulse. Sit in a closed room and count your pulse. And then for five minutes just imagine that you are running. Imagine that you are running, it is hot, you are taking deep breaths, you are perspiring, and your pulse rate is going high. After imagining this for five minutes again count your pulse. You will see the difference: your pulse rate will be high. You have worked it just by imagination, you were not really running.

In old Tibet, Buddhist monks used to do exercise only through imagination. And those techniques can be of much use for modern man, because it is difficult to run in the street, difficult to have a long walk, difficult to find a lonely street. You can just lie down on the floor in your room and imagine that for one hour continuously you are taking a long fast walk. Just in imagination go on walking. And now even medical experts say that the effect would be the same as if it were a real walk. Once you get in tune with your imagination, the body starts functioning. You are already doing many things without knowing that it is your imagination working. Many times you create many illnesses just through imagination; you imagine that now this disease is there, infectious, it is all over the place. You have become receptive, now there is every possibility that you will fall ill - and that illness is real. But it has been created through imagination. Imagination is a force, an energy, and the mind moves through it. And when the mind moves through it, the body follows.

It happened once in a university hostel in the United States that four students were trying an experiment in hypnosis. Hypnosis is nothing but imagination power. When you hypnotize a person, he is really falling into deep imagination, and whatsoever you suggest will start happening. So they suggested many things to a boy that they had hypnotized. Four boys tried hypnosis on one. They tried many things and whatsoever they said, the boy immediately followed. When they said, “Jump,” the boy started jumping. When they said, “Weep,” the boy started weeping. When they said, “Tears are flowing from your eyes,” tears started flowing. Then just as a joke they said, “Now lie down. You are dead!” And the boy lay down and he was dead.

This happened in nineteen fifty-two. After that they made a law against hypnosis in the United States. No one should try hypnosis unless some research work is involved; unless some medical institute, or some psychological department of some university authorizes you. Only then can you experiment. Otherwise it is dangerous - the boy simply believed, imagined, that he was dead, and he was dead.

If death can occur through imagination, why not life, why not more life?

This technique is based on the power of imagination.

Imagine spirit simultaneously within and around you until the entire universe spiritualizes.

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