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Chapter 4: Man Is a Journey

Those who know about the deeper centers of the brain say that people who work with their hands have less anxiety, less tension: they sleep well - because your hands are connected with the deepest mind, the deepest center of the brain, your right hand with the left brain, your left hand with the right brain. When you work with the hands, the energy is flowing from the head into the hands and being released. People who are working with their hands don’t need catharsis. But people who are working with their heads need much catharsis because they accumulate much energy, and there is no way in their body, no opening for it to go out. It goes on and on inside the mind; the mind goes mad.

But in our culture and society - in the office, in the factory, in the market - people who work with their heads are known as heads: head-clerk, or head-superintendent, and people who work with their hands are known as hands - condemnatory. The very word hands has become condemnatory.

When Patanjali was working on these sutras the world was totally different. People were hands. There was no need for catharsis specifically. Life itself was a catharsis. Then they could sit silently very easily. But you cannot sit, hence I have been inventing cathartic methods. Only after them can you sit silently, not before.

“After working with the cathartic techniques for a few years, I feel that a deep inner harmony, balance and centering is happening to me.” Now don’t create a trouble; let it happen. Now the mind is poking its nose in. The mind says, “How can it happen? First you must pass through chaos.” This idea can create chaos. This has been my observation: that people hanker for silence and when it starts happening, they can’t believe it. It is too good to be true. And particularly people who have always condemned themselves, how can they believe that it is happening to them: “Impossible! It may have happened to a Buddha or to a Jesus, but to me? No, it is not possible.” They come to me. They are disturbed so much by silence, that it is happening: “Is it true, or I am imagining it?” Why bother? Even if it is an imagination, it is better than imagining anger, it is better than imagining sex, lust.

And I tell you, nobody can imagine silence. Imagination needs some form; silence has no form. Imagination means thinking in images, and silence has no image. You cannot imagine it. There is no possibility. You cannot imagine enlightenment, you cannot imagine satori, samadhi, silence, no. Imagination needs some base, some form, and silence is formless, indefinable. Nobody has ever painted a picture of it; nobody can paint it. Nobody has carved an image of it; nobody can do it.

You cannot imagine silence. The mind is playing tricks. The mind will say, “It must be imagination. How can it be possible for you, such a stupid man that you are, and silence happening to you? - you must be imagining.” Or, “This guy Osho has hypnotized you. You must be deceived somewhere.” Don’t create such problems. Life has enough problems. When silence is happening enjoy it, celebrate it. It means the chaotic forces have been thrown out. The mind is playing its last game. It plays to the very end; to the very, very end it goes on playing. At the last moment of enlightenment, when it is just going to happen, then too the mind plays the last, because it is the last battle.

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